The Last Frontier

2020 [RUSSIAN]

Action / Drama / War

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 402

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrakvampire 9 / 10

True tragic story of human sacrifice and heroism

New huge step in quality in modern Russian war movie industry. Huge attention to details and superb casting. I would not call acting superb, but it's decent and overall story, though quite simple, is effective in telling a story of heroism of Podolsk Cadets, who, basically, saved Moscow in October'41.

This is not standard Hollywood propaganda movie. You will not see protagonists-superheroes that vanquish stupid weak enemies in front of national flag in flowing capes. Be ready for gritty war movie that shows suffering, panicked soldiers and dying heroes that you would love to see survive into happy end.

Must see for everyone who like war movies or want to experience horrors and heroism on WW2 Eastern Front.

Reviewed by milagrochoulepov 10 / 10

Good historical movie

Loved it. Good actors, based on real story, awesome battle scenes. Watched it with family. Everyone enjoyed.

Reviewed by edmundlyy 8 / 10

A well done war movie

Greetings to all Russian friends, I'm thrilled to see you produced another great war film "Podolskiye kursanty"!

Russian war films has a good reputation among Chinese military fans circle, due to its high production quality, accurate depiction of detail such as weapons\tactics\historical events, and most importantly, the shining light of collectivism spirit which big budget Hollywood films often lack of."Podolskiye kursanty" is definitely the latest example which checks all the great Russian war film boxes.

First of all, the fighting scenes are so satisfying! Great special effects and stunts, also the detail of props. Not only I'm entertained by this film, but I also learned real historical military knowledge: AT gun tactic, fortification building, combined assault etc. So few war films can deliver double satisfaction like this one.

Secondly, I have a feeling this film doesn't insult viewer's intelligence (a Chinese saying means the film doesn't have ridiculous\unbelievable parts for the sake of advancing plot or promoting certain value). At that time, the Germans were still a fierce fighting force, they're well-trained, highly-disciplined and better armed than the red army, not to mention they had air superiority at battlefield. On the other side, USSR had been pushed against the wall, enemies were at the gate of Moscow. In this desperate situation, the young cadets of Podolsk were sent to the front line. So naturally not a fair fight, and the film has accurately shown this. You can often see the Germans reacted swiftly to cadets' ambush, they adjusted theirs positions then launched counter-attack, like what a veteran troop would do in this situation. Each small victory over the Germans requires huge sacrifice from the cadets, and for this reason their bravery and sacrifice can become believable.

This film has been released for sometimes now, it's quite a pity that so few reviews and low score of this film. So that's why I gave this film 8/10 and a long review. If you're a military fans, do not miss this great film!

A Chinese Comrade 2021-03-06

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