The Last Gun

1964 [ITALIAN]


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Cameron Mitchell as Bill / Jim Hart
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Ordinary and middling Spagheti Western in which a masked gunslinger distributes justice.

Run-of-the-mill Spaghetti Western with no much interest concerning a retired gunfighter named Jim Hart : Cameron Mitchell settled at a little town . Along the way, Jim Hart befriends Guitar : Carl Mohner , a card player and drunk who often is drinking and playing the guitar . Then the town is terrorized by a nasty band led Livio Lorenzon , but Jim Hart set out to make justice by donning a scarf and Zorro-alike takes down cutthroats . As he takes on a stagecoach assailant , fights against the ordinary villain Livio Lorenzon and helps a weak sheriff against enemies.

It is a medium budget and boring , at times, Spaghetti Western dealing with customary confrontation between good guys and bad guys , displaying thrills , intrigue , go riding , crossfire, but being really a simple fodder . It is a so-so and plain Pasta Western with a few moments genuinely entertaining , but mostly dull . Stars Cameron Mitchell as a retired pistolero that due to a killer gang is back to gunslinging , Cameron was a tarnished American actor who emigrated to Italy to get fame and fortune playing some Spaghetti Westerns , Peplum , historical and Giallo movies . Co-stars the usually wooden Carl Mohner , though here he gives a passable and sympathetic acting as an alcoholic guitarist , this Austrian character actor played several British and Continental productions from the 50s , such as Peplum , Thrillers , Film Noir , Sword and Sandals and Spaghetti and was also a noted abstract painter , whose works have been exhibited internationally from 1962 . They are accompanied by some familiar faces as the usually baddie Livio Lorenzon, Ugo Fangareggi and brief appearance by Mariangela Giordano as Mary Gordon to be continued a long career in Italian B-films .

It displays an atmospheric cinematography shot on location in Rome , Lazio and Elios Studios , Rome Italy . And attractive musical score by Marcello Gigante , including some catching songs as Young Jim Hart performed by Peter Travis and Amor Mexicano performed by Rena Pilippini . The motion picture was regularly directed by Sergio Bergonzelli, packing some shortcomings , gaps , failures and flaws . This Italian artisan wrote and directed a series of films in all kinds of genres from the Sixties to end Eighties . As he made Giallo : In the Folds of the Flesh . Adventures : Surcouf , Sea Pirate , Seven in the Sun , Diamond Connection . Terror : Blood Delirium . Erotic or Softcore : Tentazione, Malicia, School of Erotic Enjoyment , Joy , Dirty World , Taxi Love . And Spaghetti or Pasta Western : A stranger in Sacramento , Colt in the Hand of the Devil, Cisco , and The Last Gun . Rating : 4.5/10 . Very average and routine Western , only for hardcore Spaghetti fans .

Reviewed by zardoz-13 6 / 10

Okay Pre-Spaghetti Western

Nothing about "Stranger in Sacramento" director Sergio Bergonzelli's largely predictable horse opera "The Last Gun" qualifies as original, but this derivative Spaghetti western is more than palatable with solid production values. Cameron Mitchell, who appeared in his share of westerns in Tinseltown, stars as a notorious gunslinger who hangs up his hardware so he can settle down as a respectable storekeeper in a frontier town. Meanwhile, a trigger-happy outlaw, Jess (the ubiquitous Livio Lorenzon), who looks like the Europe's answer to Telly Savalas, plots with a corrupt, local banker to hijack a shipment of gold. Not surprisingly, things don't go as planned for Jess and his army of gunfighters. It seems that a mysterious pistolero turns up when they least expect him and thwarts our villain's every move. "The Last Gun" is an appropriately loquacious sagebrusher when one of the villains isn't being gunned down by an enigmatic figure in black leather with a bandanna covering his face. The townspeople quarrel among themselves about these intruders, but they are powerless to evict them. Clearly, "The Last Gun" draws inspiration from those traditional Hollywood oaters where an unsympathetic gunslinger struggles to blend into the scenery and not call attention to himself. Eventually, our reluctant hero must decide whether to maintain his anonymity or behave like a vigilante to preserve law and order. This movie pays homage to 1950's westerns with its opening ballad. Actually, "The Last Gun" recalls John Wayne's first singing western "Riders of Destiny" (1933)because one of the key characters rides through the rugged terrain warbling a tune to the accompaniment of his own guitar strumming. After the opening theme ballad, things settle down as Jess's gang terrorizes the town of Sanderson. Moreover, "The Last Gun" hero is a reformed gunman instead of a swift-shooting bounty hunter. Bergonzelli and scenarists Ambrogio Molteni and James Wilde Jr., unveil the film's the best-kept secret during the final moments of the action. Livio Lorenzon makes a thoroughly slimy villain. His men and he run roughshod over everybody in town and the dutiful sheriff has to tolerate their presence because he is only one man.

Reviewed by FightingWesterner 6 / 10

Watchable, Middle-Of-The-Road Italian Western

Ultra-cautious storekeeper Cameron Mitchell uses his reputation as an unarmed near-pacifist to cover up his activities as an infamous, leather-clad, masked gunman, taking on a nasty bunch of outlaws who've taken over the local saloon and targeted the family of his favorite girl.

This earlier-than-most spaghetti western is fairly colorful (both figuratively and literally), with some interesting villains. Carl Möhner is a standout as the gang's morally ambiguous, guitar-strumming newest member. A few more familiar European faces and the perverse (for 1964), sexually threatening atmosphere also help keep things mildly interesting.

Though nowhere near the bottom of the barrel, a few complaints are that the masked superhero aspect of the film is woefully underused and that his identity is as plain as the nose on your face. Mitchell fared much better the following year in Sergio Corbucci's Minnesota Clay.

Still, it's pleasant enough viewing for hardcore spaghetti fans.

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