The Last: Naruto the Movie


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Romance

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Troy Baker as Pain
Steve Blum as Onoki
Yuri Lowenthal as Sasuke Uchiha
Liam O'Brien as Kotetsu Hagane / Gaara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billyrosehag 7 / 10


Naruto as a whole has a very special place in my heart. Having followed it and the incredible journey that both Naruto and the rest of the cast has made during the last 15 years has for the most part one filled to the brim with joy, anger and tears. Sure, the quite large amount of fillers that has plagued the series has quenched my thirst for more Naruto from time to time, but when the filler arcs reached their end and the canon episodes began once again, never did I not feel the urge rush right back. I have watched him and the rest of the ensemble grow up right along myself and my non-anime, actual real friends. That sort of commitment will undoubtedly create some sort of bond. Conflicts has sprung to life and ended, sometimes they ended up happily and sometimes the didn't. At the center of all conflicts, the main event, the main plot has although pretty much remained the same for the duration of the series, I am of course referring to the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke. When Shippuden reached its end, that feud finally came to a close and in a quite beautifully way if you ask me. And although most other plots was resolved by that time, one still remained. The unspoken love that Hinata felt for Naruto. That is was this movie is about, to at last see this subject come to fruising. As the Title suggests, this movie marks the last chapter of Naruto's journey as the main character, it is also the first of the Naruto movies considered to be Canon which is about time if you ask me. Come to think of it, The title is in my mind a pretty stupid title. I would much more prefer it if the changed it to "At last" instead, since it carries a lot of "at last" moments.

In many ways, this is more of a romantic movie than a action oriented one. Sure there are fighting sequences spread out across the two hour duration, there is a villain, but sadly he was profoundly underdeveloped and his motivations were nearly as bad The Thousand Years of pain technique is strangely effective. But all that stuff is just a backdrop for the main focus, which is without a doubt the love between Naruto and Hinata. However, the way it plays out differs for the two characters. For Hinata, it's all about finally mustering the courage to tell Naruto how she truly feels while Naruto comes to the realization about Hinata's feelings and therefore needs to evaluate how he in turn feels towards her. These sections of the movie is when it shines the brightest while the actual conflict remains quite generic, stuffed with anime tropes.

Since it shifts focus in regards to the other movies, At Last has a different tone. It has a more dream-like feel to it, almost surrealistic, striving more to visualize how Naruto and Hinata perceive the world as they contemplate their emotions towards one another. As you might imagine, this gives the movie a slower and gentler pace compared to both most of the series and the rest of the movies. It is for the most part refreshing to behold, but sometimes these moments outstay their welcome and as such, invite restlessness and boredom.

It would have been easy to make Naruto react in his often childish ways, but I am glad to say that they have allowed him to process these emotions and revelations in a mature way while still retaining what makes Naruto Naruto. The growth that he goes through is done in a very convincing and satisfying way and is definitely the highlight of the film.

Another aspect that I liked but that also exposed one of the movie's biggest faults was the fact that the movie almost gives Hinata as much screen time as Naruto. I would like to change the title a tad more and instead call it Naruto and Hinata: At last, which is good as a romance is very seldom a one way street. This does however lead me to my biggest BUT. Giving Hinata more screen time is a great move, but it is not utilized in a good way. Hinata's greatest moment in the series is easily when she leaps to Naruto's rescue mere seconds before he would meet his demise at the hands of one of Naruto's greatest villains, Pain. At that moment she stops being her usual scared self. She stands proud and is certain of what she must do. Her words and actions does not carry even an ounce of insecurity. In short, she's badass. This movie presents a great opportunity to show of more of that badassness. To show us how Naruto comes to see her, as this incredibly strong and selfless person who is willing to sacrifice all for the one's she cares about. regrettably, none of that comes to pass. She remains a damsel in distress from beginning to end, incapable to do anything but wait for Naruto to come to her rescue. If not for this rather important factor, this movie could have been so much more. If Hinata instead got to show her true strength, if it let her save Naruto instead, Naruto and Hinata: At last would have been great instead of just good.

I watched both this and Boruto: The Naruto Movie last night, beginning with this one, and as the credits rolled began to roll I came to the conclusion that this was the best Naruto movie I had seen thus far. The Animations were top-notch, the music both grand and befitting. This movie marks the end of and era and the birth of a new, hopefully the next generation of stories that unfold in the Hidden Leaf village understand that Damsel in distress is a thing of the past.

Reviewed by inuyatta 9 / 10

A great send off to Naruto's journey

If you're like me, you've been following the story of Naruto almost from the beginning, and you're in it 'til the end. Well, here it is: And it's a beautiful end, especially given how hard it was for our hero growing up.

Every bit of this film was crafted with loving detail, from the beautiful (if barren) landscapes to the nostalgic instrumentals that helped to narrate the beginnings of the story. Our characters have grown into wonderful, capable adults and the story does a decent job of tying into some of the unresolved plot threads left over from the manga.

The only real con is how many characters fight scenes were fairly short or excluded altogether (probably due to time constraints and to keep the narrative focused). The film is not lacking for action, but it's not as evenly distributed as it could be--however, this film is about Naruto, so it is natural that the hero receive the majority of the focus.

The characterization and plot were painstakingly revised and re-revised by the original creator, Masashi Kishimoto, and it shows--it shows so beautifully how our favorite characters have matured into adults, leaving an unbiased audience feeling a little wistful at the realization that these babies are no longer babies!

Please, if you were ever fond of Naruto at any point in your life, do yourself a favor and watch this movie so you can see his long deserved and well-earned happy ending. It's not only satisfying, but it helps you transition over to the next part of the story which should be coming soon.

Reviewed by jessehenare 10 / 10

Kishimotos Work at its finest!

Beautiful is the only word that can come to mind when thinking of this film. It was a master piece, and it was written by Kishimoto himself. This film also stood out among the many other non-canon films that have been produced, adding a bit more than your usual jam packed action. Believe it or not, but this is a story of Love, presenting the birth of the bond between Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. It shows how they have grown, changed and matured, stirring at the heart strings of the many Naruto fans that have watched it from start to finish. Words alone could not describe this films beauty, so I will say no more. What I will say is, I STRONGLY recommend that all of you fans of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden watch this. It is a film you should not miss.

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