The Last Rampage


Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Alex Lombard as Judy Tyson
Alex MacNicoll as Donnie
Tamara Clatterbuck as Carolyn Simmons
Garrett Hines as John Lyons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

A real prison break

Well it may feel staged, but apparently it happened. Ok puns intended. But this has quite the good actors in it. Especially Robert Patrick and Heather Graham do stand out in this. Not sure how much really happened exactly the way we see it in the movie, but it makes good movie material the way it is portrayed.

Of course any prison break brings the law enforcement people and the media out to work their magic. Well or just try to get the most for themselves out of it. There is no idolization of any kind, be it the criminals or the media. Cliches are being served at times, but I guess certain corner points had to be checked in order for the movie to work entirely. The conclusion is inevitable and the end credits give us more insight of the what happened after the end of the movie ...

Reviewed by ajith-v-m 10 / 10

Absolutely mind-blowing!

I had 2 minds to watch this movie but since it had Robert Patrick, I figured I'd give it a shot and man I'm happy I did! This is a thriller fugitive movie about 2 cold blooded killers. Gary made his sons believe so much in him that his murderous antics too were overlooked by the innocent boys. The movie slowly gets into your skin with the different scenes of murders, followed by the gut wrenching dialogues. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful. In the deserts, up the hills, in the storm, night rides, hiding spots etc..Great background music score and brilliant performances by all. Of course, it goes without saying; Robert Patrick yet again will blow your mind with his performance.

If you're a fan of fugitive serial killer movies with a touch of great thrills and cinematography, this movie is for you. I gave it a 10 as there was no part where I felt bored or asleep. MUST WATCH!

Reviewed by AudioFileZ 7 / 10

Horrific True Crime Story Reminiscent Of In Cold Blood

Last Rampage at times reminds me of In Cold Blood. It's got a huge cloud of impending doom and how bad it gets only depends on how many people cross paths with Gary Tison. His sons, though guilty of abetting Gary are not unlike victims themselves. Gary is purely evil and he gets particularly desperate attempting to flee to Mexico. Gary, however, has little in the way of a plan.. Everyday innocents who happen to be in the wrong place will be slaughtered.

Gary Tison was a heartless murderer, a human being and father devoid of any morals. Gary has trouble getting to Mexico with the law closing in. he becomes as purely evil in every way. Rampage recounts Gary's final desperate attempt to get out of the country. Arizona State Police officer Cooper takes it personal and is a few very sad steps behind. The officer's only hope now is to find Gary to avert more senseless killing. Cooper puts everything into his manhunt as he understands what is at stake even to the point of personal redemption for a prison system that failed miserably.

Last Rampage is a pretty solid B-Movie. It's a no frills tightly produced look into a particularly deadly criminal. It is not for entertainment so much as a true harrowing retelling of how a very bad man decided he has nothing left to loose as he scrambles for freedom. The way he claims to love his sons yet treats them with no love is heartbreaking. Gary uses this sons with no regard to throwing away their lives and injecting them into the deadliest of situations for his own selfishness. Things go about as bad as possible before the final resolution. Remember this is a true story and it's told pretty straight. This is cold blooded crime at it's worst and Last Rampage tells it straight making the viewer feel truly uneasy as you know all are doomed… again, reminding me somewhat of In Cold Blood falling just short of that classic. I guess that makes it a movie you have disgust for yet keep watching cause you can't turn away. Robert Patrick does an excellent job of bringing a animal in human flesh to life in his portrayal of Gary Tison.

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