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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by webmaster-3017 8 / 10

HK Neo Reviews: The Last Ronin

This is a rare cinematic gem. Very few films will be like The Last Ronin. It is a kind of film where the director gives the audience plenty of time and space to allow us to get a feel for what is happening and the message that he wanted to express. It is essentially at its very core a film about the true spirit of the samurai, the emphasis of one's honor, the essence of duty and the importance of keeping a promise. In a true warrior spirit, the film does not try to be melodramatic to affect or connect to the audience, but rather allowing us to absorb the situation, the atmosphere and embrace the unwritten code of the warrior's way. It is certainly not a film for everyone, with its ultra slow pacing and with not much really happening, the film may well frustrate even the most patience of viewers. However, those who wait will be able to reap the rewards afterwards. Almost forgotten to mention, Nanami Sakuraba is truly stunning and beautiful in her role and is most certainly an actress for the future. Ultimately, The Last Ronin is a perfect example of executing the "show-not-tell" principle to maximum effect. All in all, The Last Ronin rewards those who sit and watch with patience and endurance and slowly by the end of the film, the audience is gained with extra knowledge knowing the puzzle is solved and most likely will finish off with a smile on their face. The Last Ronin takes us on a rare cinematic journey that allows the viewer to observe, understand and finally embrace the true meaning of being a samurai. A truly unique cinematic experience¬Ö

Neo rates it 8/10.


Reviewed by jimrin 9 / 10

Excellent movie in exploring the psyche of the Japanese samurai

The movie centers around two ronin (masterless samurai) 16 years after the they participated in the revenge of their former master. All their comrades who participated in the revenge were put to death, but the two survived to fulfill specific purposes. Terasaka Kichiemon's purpose was to bear witness to what happened during the attack. Seno Magozaemon's purpose is less clear, but as the story unfolds 16 years after the revenge, his purpose is made clear through the help of some flashbacks. It helps to know the story behind "47 Ronin" and it also helps to understand who the girl is, but sufficient information is provided in due time. The movie is beautifully written, shot, and acted. There are very few fight scenes, so this is more of a story about the relationship between happiness/love and honor/duty/obligation for a samurai. I'm not sure what is meant about the ambiguity in one of the other comments. It's clear that Seno Magozaemon cares deeply about the girl. In the version I saw, they did not show the subtitle of what he mouthed to her at the end, but it was basically "Oshiwase ni" ("Be happy").

Reviewed by GreenAsJade 10 / 10

A wonderful character study, of love, happiness and duty

Those coming to this moving expecting a fast moving swashbuckling tale full of samurai sword fights will be disappointed. Indeed, the one sword fight in this movie could have been cut in half, or cut altogether, and the movie might have been improved for it.

This movie is a wonderful character study, of duty, honour, of the nature of happiness and love and fulfillment.

Deeply moving, poignant, and one of the most amazingly ambiguous endings I can think of ... leaving the viewer with finality yet absolute wondering ... who is happy now, and who is fulfilled?

As I write this, the eyes of the world are on tragedy in Japan. This movie might shed some light for those wondering what culture is it that is dealing with this recent tragedy, and how will they manage it...

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