The Lincoln Lawyer


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 206015

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Matthew McConaughey as Mick Haller
Marisa Tomei as Maggie McPherson
Bryan Cranston as Detective Lankford
Michael Peña as Jesus Martinez
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1 hr 58 min
P/S 12 / 82

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by napierslogs 8 / 10

A thoughtful ride with characters and intriguing conflicts of innocence and guilt

The titular Lincoln lawyer is smooth Mick Haller who is just as smooth as Matthew McConaughey. His sleaziness is entertaining, but his lawyering is smart and intriguing. This film has pretty much the perfect mix of a smart plot, with inventive twists, amusing one-liners, and captivating thought-out characters.

Limited action and instead using characters who have an actual story, we get a film that sets itself above its competitors. A charming, but also smart and strong, Matthew McConaughey introduces us to a lawyer who has a few inner turmoils that develop along with the plot. There may be a few too many twists in the story (and with the camera), but the evolution of McConaughey's Haller is rather subtle and not cliché.

Questions of innocence versus guilt surround Louis (Ryan Phillippe) as Haller agrees to take on his case. But as the case starts to collide with incidents of the past, present and future, similar questions of guilt and innocence start plaguing Haller, his other clients, and the other lawyers. The fact that all these other characters are played by great actors only increases the entertainment value of this film. I highly recommend taking a thoughtful ride with "The Lincoln Lawyer".

Reviewed by Bele Torso 4 / 10

So Much Talent...

How did this director get this much talent to work with and waste most of it? The cast is unbelievable and things started well, but took a boring and predictable nosedive fast. You don't give a novice director talent to waste like this!

The first 20 minutes looked great. Then a story had to be woven. William H Macy and Bryan Cranston in one movie together? Both of these great actors used about 10% of their potential. That is movie sin. Then the lame camera work. What kind of amateur director does a 360 shot in a courtroom for dramatic appeal? The flashback scenes were horrible.

This is a perfect example of how TV dramas on cable make motion pictures look like B movies. Even on a TV show having a biker gang appear out of nowhere would lose the intelligence of an audience. That was done on the Rockford Files in 1974!

Brad Furman will not confuse anyone of being compared to Adam Bernstein. Adam directed an episode of Breaking Bad. You didn't think I was going to put him in a class like Christopher Nolan did you?

Reviewed by andrewlmyers 8 / 10

The climax of this movie was so thrilling....

....That my girlfriend threw her glass of wine straight into her own eyes!

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