The Little Rebels

1955 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.3 10 190

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Jean Gabin as Le juge Julien Lamy

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Reviewed by writers_reign 7 / 10

Dogged Determination

As the previous poster mentioned Truffaut hated this movie so Jean Dalannoy had to be doing something right. Delannoy was, of course, making fine films when Truffaut was still throwing his toys out of his pram and insulting his betters so that in itself is a benchmark. I doubt if anyone would be tempted to rank this effort amongst the all-time great French films but nevertheless it's a solid story - by Jean Aurenche who could write a better screenplay than Truffaut with one vowel behind his back and whom Truffaut also despised, natch; have a sour grape, Frankie - top-billing Jean Gabin as a humane judge who becomes involved in the lives of several 'bad' boys, some viewers will see the occasional nod to Dead End and/or Boys Town but better those than the 400 Yawns.

Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao 7 / 10

Director Jean Delannoy depicts the true life of juvenile delinquents.

French director Jean Delannoy has made 40 feature films in his long as well as illustrious career.He is best known for his film "La Symphonie Pastorale" based on the book by famous French writer André Gide.However,"The little rebels" is one of his important films which deserves a wider audience.This film is about some juvenile delinquents whose boring lives change for good when they come into contact with a kind yet practical judge.Superstar of French cinema,Jean Gabin plays the judge's role with firm conviction.In an important scene,when he punishes a young criminal,one of his colleagues says that this boy would end up hating you like other boys before him.His nonchalant reply is that I am being paid to do this type of work. 'Chiens Perdus Sans Collier' is based on a best selling novel by Gilbert Chesbon which was published in 1954. One should just watch initial fifteen minutes of this film to understand the extent to which a juvenile can go in order to have fun.The film is able to win viewers' sympathies through its honest portrayal of young people who commit offenses.There is an air of authenticity in the events which take place in an "observation center" for young delinquents.These are two key reasons to watch this film.

Reviewed by bob998 5 / 10

Not inspiring

I'll give it 5/10 for the solid craftsmanship that went into making it. Delannoy always knew how to move his camera; he could also get good performances from his actors. When he came to make Maigret tend une piege, the actors were outstanding and served to create a film of stunning power.

What of Chiens perdus sans collier? We never see any great imaginative perception of these children's situations. Alain Robert's spectacular actions as he burns the barn down--and almost kills himself--is well shot, but it seems derivative of Clement's Jeux interdits of 1951. The love affair between Francois and Sylvette is redolent of TV melodrama. Gabin's performance as the children's court judge is well observed but he has done this sort of part many times in his career.

I don't care to reopen the debate regarding cinema of quality vs. New Wave--I like too many of the directors on either side of the barricade. I merely want to write about what I felt watching this particular film.

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