The Little Vampire


Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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Anna Popplewell as Anna Sackville-Bagg
Alice Krige as Freda Sackville-Bagg
Georgie Glen as Babysitter Lorna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scl-6 9 / 10

Witty, well-acted kids flick that parents will enjoy as well.

A very winning cast, great location, superb kids' story to work with, good production make for some campy scariness for kids with entertainment for mom and dad as well. Charming little movie that appeals to the kid in all of us.The predicament of the cows really did make me laugh out loud.

The acting by one and all was excellent, especially Richard E. Grant as the head of the vampire family. He brought a non-threatening, yet nerve wracking (well, for kids, anyway) presence to the movie. His charming powers over Mrs. Thompson were hysterical, and the entire cast did very well with this movie.

One for the kids that mom and dad will enjoy sitting through, which is a rarity anymore, except for the likes of Shrek.

Oh, and I can't omit Rollo Weeks, as The Little Vampire himself. He was so charming, so perfectly nailed the role of Rudolph. As well as the role for arguably the cutest kid in movies, Jonathan Lipnicki, as Tony Thompson. The crush Anna had on him was acted out adorably by Anna Popplewell, as well. There was just great acting all around in The Little Vampire.

A job well done by all involved. This will make my list of movies to purchase just to share with my grandkids that someday I'll have to spoil. Campy, scary enough for the little ones and entertaining for their parents. What's not to like?

Reviewed by satterwh 9 / 10

Couldn't help enjoying it

First, let me say that I was determined to dislike this film. Premise seemed childish, obviously aimed at children (and I ceased being one of those *MANY* years ago). Despite my best efforts, I found that I really liked this film. It's certainly not "Gone With the Wind", but it's good entertainment and definitely worth a viewing. At the end, I found myself feeling good about it, which is refreshing today. Even better, it gave me an evening's entertainment without profanity, sex or senseless violence. Lipnicky is (as always) cute and charming. I'd like to see more of Weeks on screen, but don't know if that's feasible as he's a British kid actor.

Don't expect a deep message - it's not there. For a delightful evening's entertainment (with the ENTIRE family!) it's highly recommended. Just sit back and enjoy!

Reviewed by Boombooms2003 10 / 10

Cute and Witty Magical Fun!

When I first saw the movie, I thought it was the cutest thing. I'm 17 years old and I'm not ashamed to say that I really like this movie. It had a cool plot that made it not so much of a kid movie. And it really shows you can make friends in even the weirdest conditions. Movies like this, allows you to sit back and forget about the stress of everyday and you can let the little kid inside you take over full of imagination and amazement. Really this is an excellent movie who need to escape without really escaping!

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