The Living Matrix

2009 [GERMAN]


IMDb Rating 6.7 10 179

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GoRangers7 10 / 10

Confirms what many of us have suspected for years

So much of "science" is stuck in old paradigms that the 'powers that be' cling to so as not to upset the status quo. Open your mind and watch this film, realizing that many of the concepts presented here in 2009 have been proven again and again.

Reviewed by dlevitt-1 8 / 10

provocative, informative mix of edge science and "spiritual" healing

Over a dozen articulate scientists and healers present theories, anecdotes and results of rigorous experiments, including cures that aren't explained in our traditional understanding of biology and medicine.

Similar in many ways to "What the Bleep Do We Know?" - including extensive use of animation to explain ideas about fields, physics and the body.

Several of the experiments were conducted in California's Institute of Noetic Science, and several of the scientists interviewed work there. The Institute, founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, is also described in the new Dan Brown book "The Lost Symbol" where the characters are fictionalized. But its research is real. Mitchell, resident scientist Dean Radin, and director Marilyn Schlitz all appear. Very thought provoking!

Reviewed by chrislength 1 / 10

Where do I start..

The mistake was when they 'apparently' measured people either going to the gym, or sitting on the couch 'thinking' about working out in the gym. They then claimed that they had measured that just thinking about working out had an affect on building muscles in the biceps of the individuals* (LOL). Being a professional in the field of sport science and being a body builder myself, I can assure anyone that this is not only impossible, but it definitely cannot be proved scientifically or has been proved*. Firstly, the muscle needs to tear down, before it can be re- built and thus improved upon, therefore creating the increase in mass. It's that simple.

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