The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52


Action / Adventure / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 158

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bilal2005 3 / 10

A load of sensationalized nonsense.

Garbage .. Waste fo time.

Slow.... They found nothing in 7 days . How would thought he will find it in 7 days? Does that make any sense.

When they found nothing they trick us by saying there is another. O ! We failed to find the first one , now we need another. 52 Part2.

And A sound at the same time, Coz its same sound.

Reviewed by maudvandurme 4 / 10

Too little, too long

No spoilers: But the crew set out in search for this whale on a 7-day expedition. 7 days. To find a whale. In an entire ocean. This was the first time bells went off, but I kept watching anyway. Not sure why they thought the entire trip was worth a movie though.

The documentary is too slow. They try to hide the fact that almost nothing happened for most of those 7 days. I'm not spoiling here, they did find something, but they could have just wrapped this docu up in 30 minutes or even better... in an article in the newspaper.

Reviewed by BijeshNagesh 9 / 10

Song of Respect

This documentary is added proof that we know so little about the world -especially our oceans - and the lifeforms with whom we share this planet. Literally one whale, "52", provided all the substance this docu needed to regale, educate, and inspire all those who see it. It did me, anyway.

The whale's numerical nickname comes from the sonar measurement '52 Hertz' (which is apparently not a common sound in the Ocean) that researchers have verified comes from the 'loneliest' whale (i.e., his song, his "signature").

Director Joshua Zeman brought a superbly respectful approach to the way he shot "The Loneliest Whale The Search For 52". Along with writer Lisa Schiller, he can rest assured that he wholesomely told the significant and rather beautiful story of this one whale.

At times, the documentary made me feel like I was privy to a rare mystery, yet one that was somehow relatable. It also showcased crisp and heart-breaking looks at whale killing, international shipping, and noise-pollution in the ocean.

Personally, I must admit, nobody can truly tell if 'loneliness' is what that whale was feeling. These creatures have been around long before Homo Sapiens, and I feel there is a story at play here that is quite different, if not completely foreign, to us as human beings. Whale-52 may be alone (solitary) but - if I'm being completely open-minded - lonely may not be the right word to describe his status.

The documentary did indeed bring in professionals who gave their two-pence on this alternative (though unpopular) opinion.

Take Humans, for instance. We're a social species and yet there are anti-social - as well as those who like their own company, as well as those who can turn extroverted when they feel like it but prefer solitude to socializing - people in the world. This also includes those who are no longer with us.

This docu educated me on the implication that if just one whale can prove so multi-layered and unique, imagine the individual lives of each higher-order life-form in the ocean - and by extension animals, birds, and insects living on terra firma.

Humans are not the only ones with a story to share. I believe we need to evolve/innovate a different kind of sense/tool to truly figure out the stories that animals (birds, fish, insects, beasts et al) have to tell.

There is great wisdom, and many a song, to be found through this superb documentary.

"The Loneliest Whale The Search For 52" (IMDB)

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