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Reviewed by ltcrgucwa 10 / 10


The Lost Child is based on the real life story of Yvette Melanson which is documented in her book titled "Looking For Lost Bird." This film has deep meaning, dealing realistically with a variety of life situations. Mercedes Ruehl did a superb performance as Rebecca and is exceptionally talented. Julie McIlvaine (Carolyn), Tantoo Cardinal (Aunt Mary), Jamie Sheridan (Jack), Irene Bedard (Grace) and others also contributed greatly to the quality of this film." Rebecca's resilience certainly was a major factor in her rising above the difficulties of her early life. One great quote "life is what you make it; you have to ride it and not let it not ride you."

The film dealt with an array of emotions and feelings: grief, rejection, disappointment, fear, sadness, exuberant joy, vibrance, fiesty determination and great excitement over things that an average person takes for granted. The Matthews were a very loving and caring family but the film also portrayed the family's realistic struggles and stresses in not only coping with a move to another part of the country but in adjusting to an entirely different culture as well. Yvette describes those adjustments to the Navajo lifestyle and their lives with her people in detail in her book.

Reviewed by bblair2000 10 / 10

Outstanding Film

Excellent film. Mercedes Ruehl gave an excellent performance as Rebecca. One of the outstanding features of this film is the demonstration that people can succeed in spite of childhood rejection. Scenery was gorgeous. I have viewed this film several times and each time I am inspired by its content, quality, and Rebecca's persistence in finding her natural family. I plan to read the book.

Reviewed by keshayra 9 / 10

An almost perfect movie about finding yourself!

I sat down with a little scepticism for this movie. The description of the movie on the television guide did not sound that appealing. However, after a slow start in the first 20 or so minutes I really got into it.

The movie is about this woman who was adopted as a child, and then as a married adult with kids of her own, decides to start looking for her birth family. She finds them in a native American reservation!

As I have friends in the US who are native American and I have been told many stories about their traditions I was very impressed with how they conveyed that culture on the screen.

You may also recognise the grandmother. She was in Dr Quinn Medicine Woman as Cloud Dancing's wife.

I highly recommend this movie!

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