The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.9 10 56

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jayhennigan-59249 10 / 10

The Lost Vlog of Ruby Real

I found this short low-budget movie to be one of my favourite movies in a hell of a long time. A simple premise with a simple budget, this movie caught my attention, (and my emotions - as things got beautifully sombre), and really blew my mind. This is a horror movie (the situation the guys find themselves in is horrendous) of great thought, with the premise of inter-dimensionality leading to (in my mind) the broader debate about the paranormal. I really loved this movie and gave it 10/10 stars as it held my attention and provoked me throughout. I thought it edged itself into psychedelic quarters (most welcome) andI thought the acting was first class with Jennifer Tong's performance being outstanding and heartbreaking at the same time. I've been watching horror for many many years now (40 years) and I went into this movie expecting nothing but the usual from another footage movie. After viewing, I can honestly say that this was an amazing low-budget, highly-captivating movie which makes you think. And the thought content is missing from a lot of movies these days. Thanks to the cast and crew for making a terrific movie.

Reviewed by tellstar 1 / 10

Vlog should remain lost

I'll give them a point for chutzpah! Three amateur actors play vloggers who investigate a mysterious tree that sends them into alternate dimensions when they march around it. Most of the film features the characters pissing and moaning as they get separated running clockwise and counterclockwise around the featured tree. Occasionally, the video goes multi-colored indicating that something interesting might be coming - but it doesn't. A single rental should cover the film's apparent budget.

Reviewed by salviolog 1 / 10

Shameless plagiarism

The movie is not only a cheap knockoff of the Blaire Witch Project, it almost directly copies scenes from it... and, for some strange reason, from 2001 A Space Odyssey. And yet it still manages to be monotonous and boring, combining the worst of both worlds: the convoluted back story from 2001 with slow pacing of the Blair Witch. Slow and overexplained is not a good combination.

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