The Love Club


Comedy / Romance

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Jesse Hutch as Theo 1 episode
Leah Brady as Stephanie 1 episode
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hallmarkmov 2 / 10

More like the lying club

There was no love, it's lie upon lie. This movie was really trying to be like the wedding veil friendship and failing miserably. Do these four really know each other? It started off like a drunken meet up and then somehow they all knew each other's relationships and then they email when they have problems with love but nothing else in their life. That's an odd friendship. The letters aren't even from these continently diverse friends but some other pen pal from college. So if they were really friends wouldn't they know about this story a long time ago? The friends don't seem to be dropping everything to come to her aid but rather they had nothing else to do for a week and came along. Its odd how she is sooo into a pen pal she knew nothing about yet is so disinterested in her fiancé? Isn't this cheating? The friends could be there or not and it would make no difference. They don't give any opinions, any advice, maybe warnings against cheating? There's no chemistry with any of the actors, not among the friends, not the main characters, no one. It doesn't make sense why she continued to design the wing when she wasn't being paid and the other company was already getting paid. I guess she got the money back by drinking and eating the food for the suite. The yoga instructor was so strange but again another lie. The lies are just endless in this movie!

Reviewed by jlbsword 6 / 10

If this is love....

The ads for this new 4 part series sounded like a good idea with 4 women supporting each other over the ups and downs of love and life. But the first episode was somewhat disappointing. The characters were likeable enough, and the idea of two pen pals finding each other was a cute idea, but there were too many instances where there was dishonesty, deception, and pretence. You have to wonder how any relationship could start like that and survive. The characters are all in their 30's but act like silly teenagers. I have enjoyed both Marcus and Brittany in other movies but this was definitely not their best effort. Perhaps the next one in the series will improve and show more maturity and realism.

Reviewed by athompsonblue 2 / 10

Derailed by Unlikable Characters

They both lied, yet he's the only one in the doghouse. If he had just explained that he dictated the gist of the letters, then it would be all on her to realize that writing talent is no foundation for a relationship. And she's pretty casual about leaving her fiance in the dust.

I can easily forgive Josh for not writing the letters. But he crossed a line when the set up the whole ruse with the spa guy. And he keeps throwing out lame excuses, instead of just manning up, being honest, and having the self-respect to not pine for a woman who completely forgot the connection they had prior to the authorship controversy.

Why did the spa guy even agree to the charade?

Wouldn't he have expected bad karma?

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