The Love Lottery


Comedy / Musical / Romance

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Humphrey Bogart as Self - Cameo Appearance
Jean Marsh as Dancer in Sally's Dream
David Niven as Rex Allerton
Theodore Bikel as Parsimonious
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 5 / 10

Satire on stardom misses the mark

This was one of 6 films produced by Ealing in 1954.Of these only The Maggie sticks in the memory.Little surprise then that Rank closed the studio the following year and sold it to the BBC.Whilst this film is amiable enough it never does more than raise a smile now and again.In any event with the studio system fast crumbling stars with contracts that tied them to a studio were fast becoming a dying breed.So I do wonder whether David Nivens character would be quite so happy to be rid of his studio.Interesting to see Humphrey Bogart in the final shot,probably done as a favour to Niven.He epitomized the new order making films through his independent company,Santana.

Reviewed by spookyrat1 5 / 10

Niven in a Bind!

This 1954 Ealing comedy is pleasant enough, but does stand out for a few distinctive features.

The international settings around Lake Como are splendid, especially since we're fortunate, in that they are presented in colour.

David Niven gives a lively, energetic, physical performance, even though (somewhat incongruously) he is playing a burnt out, but very popular matinee idol.

The rather bland script is given extra life when one considers, the main storyline involving a competition to raffle Niven's character to be married off, anticipates popular (I seriously don't know why.), contemporary reality TV shows such as Married at First Sight, The Farmer Wants a Wife and The Bachelor.

Lastly, the concluding scene, filmed overlooking the Thames River, includes one of the great actors of the 40's and 50's in a surprising wordless cameo. It's a corker and does finish the movie on the right note.

Reviewed by aramis-112-804880 5 / 10

Innocuous Little Time Waster

It's a paradox that "The Love Lottery" is a delightful comedy largely without laughs (except for one very big one at the end which I won't reveal, though it's worth the wait).

A statistician (Herbert Lom, later to become the hilarious eternal foil of Inspector Clouseau) approaches Errol Flynn-esque film star Rex Allerton (David Niven, who knew Flynn personally) with the notion of raffling himself off as a groom to marry the lucky winner.

Niven's character, troubled by dreams of a beautiful young woman he's never met (Peggy Cummins) thinks the idea ludicrous until Lom's colleague Jane helps seduce the actor into playing along.

While Cummins' star-struck character (Sally) stocks up on lottery tickets Rex and Jane begin falling for each other. Will they find married bliss together, or will the fear of jilting a quarter of a million ticket holders keep Rex from tying the knot prematurely?

The most amusing scenes are the ones reminiscent of Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances." And if you don't know what I mean, look it up.

The most notable feature of the movie is the brief appearance of rising talents: Gordon Jackson, Theodore Bikel and Sebastian Cabot, all destined to varying degrees of international fame in the 1960s.

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