The Loves of Carmen


Adventure / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 965

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Rita Hayworth as Carmen
Glenn Ford as Don José Lizarabengoa
Victor Jory as García
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crimsonrose71 9 / 10

Gorgeous romantic melodrama

Ah, too bad they don't make like these anymore! Beautiful, much-missed (by me!) old Technicolor helps to create both romantic, pristine 19th century Spain which never was and romantic, enchanting beauty of Carmen. She is gorgeous, entertaining and artificial with red hair (shouldn't it be dark?), red flowers and black mantilla. There is also sometimes delicious 1940's dialogue (by Helen Deutsch who also wrote great 1955 Cinderella movie Glass slipper). Carmen is a gypsy version of Scarlett O'Hara, rotten apple with no compassion to anyone - and she really likes to spit! - although it is easy to sympathize her desire not to give her heart to any of the supposedly innocent but actually brain-between-legs admirers around her. They offer shallow, "pure" love while being sex-obsessed, abusive boors: general hits his servant, Carmen's charms make every man to follow her like dog in heat, Carmen tells that wife-beating is rampant in village... Don't get me me wrong, Carmen needed good tongue-lashing, but good and evil are really blurring in this extremely well-made (thanks to virtues of old studio system!) melodrama.

Reviewed by Richard-23 7 / 10

....Rita is totally fascinating....

...And at the zenith of her 'love goddess' period. This films is a literal (and completely non-musical) version of the Carmen story. When Rita dances in the film (and she does dance!)-- she is always hidden from the camera/audience--as a way of saying: love goddess at work--no frills necessary. Even so, she makes Carmen truly naughty--so much so that you wonder that she lives as long as she does. Carmen is a woman with more than the necessary number of tragic flaws. Rita makes her beautiful and vibrant--but tragic nevertheless.

Reviewed by zetes 9 / 10

Very underrated

A movie that far outdoes its meager reputation. It reunites Gilda's stars, Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth, in a Spanish adventure based on the original novel Carmen, on which Bizet's opera is based. The story is extremely melodramatic, of course, but it's endlessly entertaining. Glenn Ford is pretty good as a nobleman who throws everything away for the love of his gypsy woman, Carmen. And Hayworth is as scorching as ever, even though her hair is brown. For those who love classic Hollywood opulence, this is definitely your movie. The film is in truly glorious Technicolor, some of the most beautiful cinematography of its era. The costumes, art direction, and music (none of it based on Bizet) are exceptional. The Loves of Carmen deserves better than it has gotten. 9/10.

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