The Loving Story


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James Earl Jones as Jack Jefferson
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Katharine Houghton as Joey Drayton
Jane Alexander as Eleanor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbsteury 9 / 10

Wonderful Documentary Made Primarily from Old Archival Materials

I just saw "The Loving Story" this afternoon at the Traverse City Film Festival. The film is moving and inspirational, illustrating that sometimes even poor and minimally educated people can obtain justice within our court system. The story is straightforward and the ending is known, but the still photos and interview footage (some just recently discovered) of Richard and Mildred Loving shows a very genuine and touching relationship between them and their 3 children. Their quiet dignity in the face of racist laws and attitudes is inspirational. The ACLU once again is shown to be a force for justice to which people without money or power can turn.

We were not lucky enough to have the Loving's daughter Peggy present (as was the case for aegriffin at Tribeca) but the director and writers Nancy Buirski and Susie Ruth Powell were here for a Q&A. Their story of how this documentary came to be is entertaining and emotional. The idea that this film should have been used (as suggested by another reviewer) as an "opportunity to investigate the legal process" leaves me puzzled. Unless one is an attorney, the film presents as much about the legal process as one would reasonably want to know. It is not a legal treatise, but rather a story of a couple in love who would not back down from what is right, and an affirmation that the US legal system can (in time) bring about a just outcome on some occasions.

Everyone I saw it with gave this documentary their highest rating. You will not regret the time spent viewing this heart-warming slice of civil rights history. Kudos to Ms. Buirski & Powell.

And Ms. Buirski did mention that the documentary will be shown on HBO in February 2012. I certainly plan to watch it again at that time. 9/10

Reviewed by cruhl32 9 / 10

Excellent documentary

The love these two people had for one another was genuinely real, and watching them and their beautiful children in the archival footage tugged at your heartstrings. I watched this documentary when it was first shown on HBO, and thought it was engrossing. I was 20 yrs. old when this case was finally decided, and I remember it vaguely. I lived in the North and had known that interracial marriage was illegal in the South, but never realized that couples were actually persecuted and jailed as the Loving couple were. The young ACLU lawyers who took the case are shown interacting with the couple in the l960's, and they also add present day commentary.

This is not meant to be a documentary about the legal machinations of the case (altho some of that is explained); but It's a compelling story about the human aspects of the case.

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Loving Brings Hatred and Bigotry to the Forefront ****

Outstanding documentary showing that racially restrictive laws come from absolute lunatics citing the bible and other references to spew their hate. Remember, we have only to look at the racial laws of Nazi Germany in the 1930s to see what a vicious thing can be done to innocent people.

That the Lovings had to first depend on the state courts to resolve the issue was ridiculous. Anyone knew that this case would ultimately end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The documentary excels because it deals with plain ordinary people caught up in such turbulence during a period that would redefine the civil rights movement in America.

What the law was essentially saying was where such a couple could and could not live. It is frightening that Alabama finally ended its misogyny laws in 2011.

A tale of racial bigotry at its worst with Richard and Mildred Loving as trailblazers.

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