The Machinist


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
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Christian Bale as Trevor Reznik
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Reviewed by michaelwoods-11911 10 / 10

One of the greatest films ever, a must watch

This film is about what isolation, guilt and insomnia can do to the human mind, even after watching it 100 times it remains a very mysterious interesting film. We may never truly know who exactly Ivan was, but I suppose that's part of the reason that makes this film so great to me as I have the freedom to assume who exactly Ivan is. I've always personally thought Ivan is the ghost of Trevor's old childhood friend who Trevor either forgot about or doesn't recognise, and that Ivan's spirit basically helped sort Trevor out. Others say that Ivan was simply Trevor's other personality, but I like to believe that Ivan was actually Trevor's best friend from childhood, it makes sense considering Ivan and Trevor (pre-car accident) are so alike. The open ended complex mystery behind The Machinist is mostly what makes the film so great, but of course it's filled with suspense, surprises and raw emotion too which make it a truly stunning film to watch. The characters are all quite interesting as well I think, didn't think there was a dull character in it at all. Overall this film is in my top 10 films ever and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes psychological thriller films or Fight Club.

Reviewed by gute321 5 / 10

someone show them how to play 'hangman'

That's not how you play 'hangman' you only draw another part of the stickman when the player guesses an incorrect letter why would you draw another part of the stickman if the guessed letter is in the word it doesn't make sense bale was good though 5/10

Reviewed by MarrianoJuniper 7 / 10

Thrillingly engaging and certainly one of Bale's finest performances

Before this review should begin, one must consider and commend the dedication of Christian Bale for his performance in this role. His role as Trevor is perfect; it is difficult or perhaps even impossible to consider what other actor would be able to pull this movie off with such effectiveness.

The Machinist is about a blue-collar worker, Trevor Reznik, who explains how he "has not slept in a very long time". As the film progresses, he begins to question his own sanity as he becomes embroiled in his own troubled mind to discover why these unusual events are happening to him, and, what they could mean.

In many ways, Reznik is on a path to discovery; it may not be the 'discovery' as me and you would relate to other films, but what is clear is that Reznik is trying to 'discover' what is happening to him. It is this discovery that leads to his ultimate end and, in turn allows him to find peace.

The narrative is well executed but the plot is slightly let down with a sense of familiarity with the realisation he was chasing himself the whole time. It was almost predictable, but in fairness the film is incredibly engaging and does give you room to consider your own thoughts and ideas around it.

Overall, the film will definitely has been a treat to watch. While the plot may be familiar to some audiences, it is nevertheless a captivating psychological thriller that will be remembered as one of Bale's most intense and finest performances of his career.

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