The Madness Inside Me


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5 10 163

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Danielle Guldin as Nicole
Scotty Tovar as Eddie
Devon Graye as Francis
Merrin Dungey as Madison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LizMann18 7 / 10

Fascinating and well done

I went into this because I like Devon Graye and thought the trailer looked interesting. I came away completely impressed.

It's nice to see that some writers can still put together small independent well written gems and Matthew Berkowitz has certainly created something that is not your average story. The movie is fascinating , well directed , and spins a tale that will pull you in.

None of this would work if it were poorly cast, but Merrin Dungey is fairly incredible in the lead, Devon is excellent, he always is, and even the smaller roles are perfectly cast. Everyone is completely believable in their role and it's so nice to see a real actress in the lead.

This is really a drama/thriller and should not be listed under horror. If you're expecting a horror movie you will be very disappointed. As a glimpse into the mind of some very interesting characters, with exceptional acting, well shot and intriguing , this is a must see for indie film buffs.

Reviewed by wolfmanrtcw-35431 1 / 10

Terrible just terrible

Not even wide screen; horrible low budget, everything is wrong with this movie from the acting to the delivery of the plot. Avoid even if your bored.

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