The Magic Flute

2003 [GERMAN]

Fantasy / Music / Romance

IMDb Rating 8.9 10 161

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 10 / 10

My favourite Magic Flute

I love this production of The Magic Flute, and it is my personal favourite of all the productions I've seen of this magnificent opera, and I have seen quite a few. The Magic Flute has a wonderful story that never fails to captivate me when I see it, the characters I fell in love with immediately yes even with Queen of the Night and Mozart's music is up there with his very best work with highlights being the Queen of the Night Aria(a colouratura tour-de-force), Papagaeno's aria, Sarastro's aria as he comforts Pamina and gives her advice and the heartbreakingly-poignant Ah ich fuhl.

This 2003 production looks positively radiant. The sets are beautiful, the lighting is atmospheric and the costumes are eye-popping especially Queen of the Night which makes her even more regal and chilling. The singing and acting is top notch and further complimented by excellent orchestra playing, conducting and direction.

Willi Hartmann is an appealing and heroic Tamino, while Dorothea Roschmann is quite stunning with a heartfelt voice and acting ability. Franz-Josef Selig is very noble and firm as Sarastro, the three ladies are beautifully blended not to mention strikingly beautiful and threatening, Aillish Tynan is witty and playful as Papagaena and the three boys also surprised me in the angelic tones to their voices. Two performances made this for me.

First, Simon Keenleyside, I loved his Papagaeno, always entertaining with a great voice to match. Second, and more so, Diana Damrau as Queen of the Night, she is superb with a very flexible voice with even more impressive projection and diction and a presence that sends chills down your spine, Roschmann actually looked genuinely frightened of her and it is not hard to see why.

I agree the comic side of Monastatos is slightly overplayed, but that isn't enough to hurt what is a brilliant production that I cannot recommend highly enough. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by MikelMask1 10 / 10

The Best of the Lot

I have seen many performances of Die Zauberflote on stage, on TV, and on DVD. This is by far the best of the lot. All of the performers are terrific. Many reviewers of the performance have commented on the outstanding work of Diana Damrau's Queen of the Night and Simon Keenlyside's Papageno and I completely agree. However, I also want to underline the emotional realism that Dorothea Roschmann was able to bring to her part as Pamina and the heroic stoicism of Will Hartmann as Tamino. Ailish Tynan, a singer whose work I was previously unfamiliar with, is a highlight as Papagena- whenever she showed up on stage, sparks flew. Franz-Josef Selig as Sarastro was able to be regal without being boring (it helps when you have a bass like his) and the Queen's Three Ladies were simultaneously beautiful, amusing, and threatening (no mean trick). Probably the thing that I liked best in this performance was staging the action in the Age of Enlightenment. This underlined the philosophical elements that Mozart input into the opera and took away, or at least greatly diminished, the fairy tale, fantasy aspects that are often focused upon in other performances. This staging also helped the humorous aspects of the Papageno/Pagagena relationship stand out since Ms. Tynan, dressed in garish 1960's/1970's garb, was an eye sore compared to the "proper" eighteenth century folk around her resulting in her performance being such a hoot (and was better than the P/P pair being dressed up as pseudo-birds). All in all, this is a fabulous performance which I cannot recommend any more highly.

Reviewed by franjo-tahi 10 / 10

Simply brilliant

Magic Flute is my favorite opera so I was searching the Youtube, looking for best performance of famous "Holle rache" aria. My favorite performer used to be Edda Moser when I heard Dianna Damrau - she was nothing less than superb. There are lot of good performances of that aria but when you hear Dianna you can hear not only music but also feel her emotions - hate and vengeance. It was same with other two arias - sorrow in the first one and joy in the second.

Next step, got that DVD and listen to the whole opera. Magical Flute has quite a few important roles and usually some performers are excellent/very good and some not so good. Here it is not just Dianna that excels in her performance, but virtually every singer is excellent and also an orchestra - even Mozart himself would be pleased.

Simon Keenlyside masters the Papageno role both in singing and acting (esspecialy the comic side of his character) and Ailish Tynan as Papagena doesn't fade in their famous duo like some other singers.

Willi Hartmann as Tamino and Dorothea Röschmann as Pamina with their clear voices goes well together.

Sarastro, Monostratos, Three ladies, Three boys I liked all of them.

Scenography and costume design is simple but good - it doesn't hinder performance like for example in Metropolitan 2004 version where poor Erika Miklosa has to stand still whole time because of her costume.

The music is in the center here but director and choreographer have also done good job and there is enough space for good acting as well.

If you like Mozart and opera, watch this and you will watch it again and again.

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