The Maid

2020 [THAI]

Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 319

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by francisss 8 / 10

Unexpectedly Satisfying Good Movie!

The film is divided into three chapters. Every chapter has its own revelation by the end of each chapter. Though the plot is predictable and quite cliche, the execution is really good. From character introduction to character development/build up until revelation.

I'm not sure why this film is really good. If it's because it's a Netflix original film or it's from Thailand. Thailand's cinema is really improving a lot especially in horror genre, they're next to South Korea & Japan who's really good in horror films.

Overall, movie is way beyond good. Entertaining to watch from beginning til the end.

Reviewed by nutzzynutz 8 / 10

I don't disappoint

It's ok for me but some of plot is no clear I confused about monkey I like ghost she looks scary I like the serial killer She is good acting It's first film of Thailand from Netflix

Reviewed by sakthi_ram 1 / 10

First 10 minutes and Last 30 minutes -most hilarious

Slash slash blood splash splash -very boring and annoying characters roaming around aimlessly in the entire movie. Anyone can easily guess old and new maid are explanation that why old maid has to threat her own sister as ghost .looks weird and funny that the young maid is killing the innocent guests who has no role in her sister's death in the climax. Is she psychopath basically ?absurd scenes both at beginning and end. No no in the whole movie.. Nothing but blood bath. Will it make a movie horror? Absolutely not..a big no no to this movie. Still if you want to watch go ahead and bang your head on the wall later..

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