The Makeover



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Julia Stiles as Hannah Higgins
Frances Fisher as Allie Doolittle
David Walton as Elliot Doolittle
Camryn Manheim as Colleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cindb451 8 / 10

The makeover was sweet.

I have to confess I began watching with my son because I worked as background but I found myself forgetting about that and just smiling.. You have a sweet family movie with a moral center, talented and very smart actors. It wasn't preachy but fun... It made you think but not in a negative way. I loved the use of Boston landmarks in this.

We need more movies like this. Yes Boston does have people who talk and act that way. Boston is filled with a diverse population and this movie just sampled a small part of it. Yes I love my zombie flicks as well but this is a nice breath of fresh air.. BTW everyone onset was nice and very professional.

Reviewed by boblipton 5 / 10

Shooting in Boston

This sex-change version of George Bernard Shaw's PYGMALION (best known in its musical version of MY FAIR LADY) seems a trifle tired. It works best when it moves furthest from its source; the standout character is Elliot Doolittle's sister, although Frances Fisher as his mother is obviously having a lot of fun with the bowdlerized version of Alfie Doolittle. Julia Stiles as Higgins seems to be clueless about how things actually work and David Walton as Elliot seems to go from a mush-mouthed Southie to someone whose greatest problem with language seems to be when to use "whom" without much struggle.

However, it's a great story and despite a few missteps in the script -- intended to make it fit the standard Hallmark romcom format -- it has some great moments of actual comedy. If, unlike its original, it does not start out all head and let the emotions of the matter sneak in later, that is a choice I can understand.

One particularly praiseworthy fact is that there are a lot of shots that show how clearly this one is set in Boston, and not just the typical setting shots, but real places that someone familiar with the city would choose. I always take special pleasure in seeing things like that in a movie.

Reviewed by joywriter19 2 / 10

It's all about character - MAJOR SPOILERS HERE

David Walton plays a delightful 'heart of gold' young man with a keen sense for people. Julia Stiles plays a smart, razor-edged-personality politician who lives in her head. She is a judgmental young woman.

It amazes me John Gray, the director, was blind to the 'heroine's' lack of character growth. He didn't show her changing despite her being warned by others who love her. That's all the movie needed to make it heart-warming and worth caring about.

It makes no sense that Walton's character fell in love with her. Her mean-spiritedness is endless. She doesn't feel others pain at her sarcastic, hurtful comments or their hurts and losses. She never truly apologizes. It's a disheartening movie, in that a wonderful, talented young man attaches himself to a smart, driven woman who lacks empathy and emotional self-awareness. I found it a downer to watch.

Julia Stiles deserved a better vehicle for her acting talent and she ought to have fought for a more teachable, lovable character. Walton ought to have demanded that, too, for his own character's sake. Camryn Manheim, too, was funny, played a good friend to Stiles, but didn't demand enough change, either. A waste of a decent plot.

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