The March Sisters at Christmas


Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 592

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Charlie Hofheimer as John Brooke
Molly Kunz as Amy March
John Shea as Mr. Lawrence
Nick Apostolides as Dan Sloan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by huggibear 7 / 10

Better than expected, better than current IMDb rating!

I gave this 7 stars because I liked it better than the typical Hallmark Channel movies. It was different and very likable. The plot was charming. The sisters were charming, even if they couldn't get along. The men were charming as well, including the older one. This movie warmed my heart and kept me interested. At first, I thought it was going to be lame, but it got much better. It's worth a viewing! It might be one of my faves because of the home and relationship improvements.

Reviewed by morgietrue 1 / 10


If you grew up a fan of Little Women, if you always felt like you should be apart of the March Family then you were probably excited when you caught wind of this modernized retelling of Louisa May Alcott's classic coming of age tale. Well sorry to disappoint but despite the potential a modernized Little Women might promise, The March Sisters at Christmas did not deliver. In place of the transcendentalist principles practiced by the humble little Marches who practiced temperance, and acts of charity in the original tale, the Marches in this modern retelling are portrayed as selfish, slutty young women who party a little too hard partially in the case of Amy. I can't say which I was more disappointed with the fact that this new skankified Amy March posted naked pictures of herself on Jo's twitter feed to parallel the treacherous burning of Jo's manuscript, or her exploited relationship with Teddy. Where the original tale illustrates Amy's loyalty to Jo when she resists Laurie/Teddy because she feels he still belongs to Jo, The March Sisters at Christmas represented her as a conniving little slut just waiting to pounce to so she might have vengeance on her sister. I will say we can probably all own up to the fact that growing Amy March was that one character who we all just wanted to choke but she was never meant to be the villain and as bratty as her behavior can be sometimes she was never portrayed as being quite so insufferable as this movie as made her out to be. I hate to sound like that annoying person who just compares movies to the book their based on and fusses over minute details, and I assure that's not the point I'm trying to get across here. I feel that this movie lost the essence of a family tied together in love, trying to change the world and make it a better place. The Marches are role models and at the same time characters young girls should be able to relate to. They lost that by making Amy so unlikable. Instead of being someone young girl's can relate to she became that girl the little slut who stole everyone's boyfriends in high school, that girl that everyone loved to hate. Despite her shortcomings Amy is is multidimensional and has a lot of good to her that I feel was just completely tossed aside.

Reviewed by rooseveltdmoss 1 / 10


This was a disappointment. The character jo annoyed me through the whole movie. Clearly she felt something for Teddy but instead chooses a guy she just met like a week ago. Really? I hate movies like these, the ones where the female characters chooses the wrong guy they had no chemistry with whatsoever. If they showed more of jo and this editor guy on how they love flourished than I probably would've bought it. Teddy was clearly a better ending with jo.

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