The Marco Effect

2021 [DANISH]

Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 632

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Ulrich Thomsen as Carl Mørck
Zaki Youssef as Assad
Shanti Roney as Thor Samuelsson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lellie1978 4 / 10

This could have been so much better

I made the mistake to rewatch the older ones in this series leading up to the premiere of the newest installment, only to confirm how much better the old ones are, and how boring and disappointing this new one is.

They should have made it with the old cast that we have come to love and associate with this series, or have not made it at all........well, at least make it as an individual movie with no relations to the others.

I remember when my friend asked me 2/3 into this movie "what is it about, is there a story/plot here?", and I couldn't agree more.

Long and slow paced "story" with plot holes and then a rapid ending out of nowhere with the audience left with plenty to desire.

I'm really good at lowering my expectations, but this one didn't deliver at all.

Reviewed by michael_d_moller 3 / 10

Dull and bland

Saw the first films with Nikolaj-Lie Kaas as inspector Mørck and Fares Fares as Assad.

It could work with Mørck (Played by Ulrich Thomsen) being rude, having no empathy and hellbound on solving the case no matter whos toes he treads upon. But when the rest of the crew around him acts more or less in the same fashion it simply gets boring and uninteresting. Where Assad were much more involved, and a individual character in the first films, he is reduced to a weak voice in the background and a boring sidekick.

Rosa is also tuned dowfrom a strong and independent woman in the first films, to an uninteresting and forgettable supporting role.

The plot is obvius and you have to struggle not to doze off while you see it.

If you have not seen the first films, go check them out and give this one a wide berth.

Reviewed by nina-89894 3 / 10

We've lost a treasure

It is sad to see how such amazing movies could be distroyed and lost forever. I'm so sad.

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