The Marksman


Action / Adventure / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 4426

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William Hope as Johnathan Tensor
Tim Abell as Lt. Carter
Andrew Stevens as Capt. Jack Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krywolff 1 / 10

The Marksman misses the mark

I choose The Marksman while renting at the video store because I wanted a DVD that would be entertaining to watch and not a big risk. I figured that if Snipes signed onto the movie it couldn't be that bad. I wasn't expecting a great story, but at least some good action with the occasional action movie cliché.

I think this movie must have been made as a practical joke to Wesley Snipes. They probably showed it at his birthday party. Every member of the cast overacted every scene. It was like every speaking character had their own monologue.

The special effects were comical. During a jet fight scene they show an explosion that is supposed to be one of the jets blowing up. A few seconds later when another jet supposedly explodes, it appears to be the same explosion optically reversed, right down to the last piece of debris flying through the air.

I would expect a movie to be this bad that didn't have a famous actor in the lead. But I never thought a movie with Wesley Snipes could be of this poor quality. He needs to have his head examined.

Reviewed by cinched 1 / 10

Don't waste your time!

Being a Snipes fan, I thought this might be worth the money to rent. DON'T BOTHER!! The plot was trite, the acting worse than a middle school drama production and the action unconvincing. I mean, come ON! Army RANGERS that look frightened?! Costume coordinator should have been fired before they began....military costumes ALWAYS include headgear of some kind, especially in a combat situation. The dialogue, what there is of it, was written by an elementary school child that's trying to imitate tough guy conversation from his GI Joe cartoons. With little success! The cartoons are a better viewing experience and they are FREE!! This one should pay the audience! BAD, BAD movie! This one rates an F grade!

Reviewed by uzibeatle 1 / 10

Total Garbage

The first 10 minutes of this movie says enough it is a cobbled up poorly directed pile of reeking crap. THe story is horribly obvious from the outset to boot. Tired and trite standard themes that have been done before and with far more style.

I must say after this viewing I can say any time one sees Wesley Snipes listing in a movie it is a fairly safe bet that the movie is not worth watching. Pity Wesley seems to be associated with people who can't make a movie worth watching.

Save your time and don't bother. I'd say it isn't even worth a rental when time comes. Waste of bandwidth.

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