The Match


Drama / History / Sport

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Top cast

Franco Nero as Old Branko
Armand Assante as Commander
Caspar Phillipson as Colonel Franz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ropukile 8 / 10

I liked it a lot more than I expected to

I did not begin to watch this movie with high expectations but I have to say it is very respectable. I do not understand some of the "criticisms", if you can even call them that. Sure, the actors in the film aren't famous but that's because it's an indie film, not a Hollywood production. I'd say the actors put in performances decent enough that they don't detract from the film. In terms of the production, perhaps someone would have managed to hide the small budget even better, but I didn't mind how the film was presented. In few insignificant places I did think some directional choices were a bit weird but not nearly enough to make me dislike the film. Because the most important thing works- and that is the story. I wouldn't say it's not comparable to anything else done before but it is a classic that works and is enjoyable. I would happily watch this movie many more times.

Reviewed by fixxy75 7 / 10

Good flick

This film is, in my opinion, quite solid. It's not perfect, but the story flows well and the message is most important. The human spirit cannot be defeated.

And for all the reviewers who expected star power and high-octane action movie, look elsewhere. This is, after all, drama-indie flick.

Story 10 * Directing 7 * Editing 8 * Score 8 * Casting 6 * VFX 4 *

Reviewed by NosCustodimus 2 / 10

Sub, Please!

Poor retelling of a great story about courage and resilience. Based on real events, I could let it slide if it was a solid drama that was lacking a bit in the sports department or an excellent sport movie with dramatic elements sort of bolted on around it. Unfortunately, The Match fails in both areas.

Being indie or low-budget doesn't have to mean low quality. It's not even an attention to detail issue. It's just bad. The script is ridiculous, acting was stiff, and direction felt like they had a two-take limit and just took what they got. The two biggest-name actors (Nero and Assante) are in the movie for less than five minutes combined. "The match" itself, which is supposed to be the highlight of such a film, is laughable from a technical perspective. It feels thrown together, shot, and edited in the same afternoon. The choreography is unskilled, uninspired, and amateurish, even though they cast pro footballers.

The rules and equipment are completely wrong for the era. Now, if they had missed by a few years or even a decade, OK fine, whatever, let's not nitpick... but they missed by 70+ years in some cases! It's no exaggeration to say it would be more accurate if characters had cell phones in WWII. That's how far off they missed. Yes, this is a low budget, indie film. Pretty sure they could afford Google and could spare 5 minutes.

2/10 .. Referee, sub please!?

Such a great story deserves to be told in a way that isn't so painful to watch. For example, a dramatized version is told very well in Victory (1981), starring Pele, Sylvester Stallone, Max von Sydow, and Sir Michael Caine (not a lot of people know that). I can't stress enough that you need to go watch that movie instead, especially if you've never seen it before.

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