The Mirror Has Two Faces


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 15777

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Jeff Bridges as Gregory Larkin
Mimi Rogers as Claire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nairisimonyan 9 / 10

What the other reviews aren't telling you...

Let me just start off by saying this movie does NOT deserve the rating and reviews it has gotten. I was skeptical going in because of the low rating and how lost it had become in the endless sea of romance movies but I found myself in tears when I finished!

Barbra Streisand is a master, no doubt about it. Everything was carefully crafted from the pacing of the story to the complexities of the characters. You found yourself drawn into the storyline and the personalities of the characters. Jeff Bridges, Lauren Bacall and the rest did a fantastic job in selling the believability of their respective characters. There was glorious tension between the characters and you could see the shift in tone and emotions for them which is ESSENTIAL to creating a successful romance movie.

Now where I begin to disagree with the other reviews on this movie is the whole makeover part of the movie. I know we have been beaten to death with the terrible trope of the ugly duckling getting a makeover and suddenly becoming desirable and therefore equating worth to beauty. However, I dont think that's what's happening here. I think a lot of people miss that because what Barbra Streisand is doing is relating to a very specific sort of woman. The sort of woman who, admittedly, is not conventionally attractive and doesnt take care of herself but still is certainly not HIDEOUS. The sort of woman who has been brainwashed by her parents and society ever since childhood to believe she is ugly and not worthy and has in some cases lived in the shadow of a more beautiful sibling or mother. At that point, it doesnt matter whether you're actually ugly or not, what matters is what you've been led to believe. And so Rose's low self esteem and her firm belief that shes not attractive is very very realistic, especially when Gregory recoils away from her when she tries to seduce him and he even TELLS HER that he doesn't find her physically attractive even if we, the audience, dont necessarily agree. It's all about PERCEPTION. That scene and her reaction was painfully authentic. Not only that, but Barbra makes damn sure to mention that this isnt one of those terrible makeover tropes when she rejects Alex because she realizes he didnt find her worthy when she was her original self. And she tells him that hes not good enough for her because not only does she have the added bonus of being pretty now BUT she also loves herself and accepts who she is and WAS before the makeover. She sees that picture of herself as a child and realizes, by God I AM pretty naturally, there was nothing wrong with me as I had been led to believe.

I'm so glad I found this hidden gem, definitely worth the watch!

Reviewed by DomiMMHS 7 / 10

I can tell you: Wonderful! On the other hand...

The mirror has two faces: Barbra Streisand and ... surprise! ... Barbra Streisand! More explicit: the funny Barbra Streisand and the divine Barbra Streisand. Well, this miraculous metamorphosis is of course kind of disgusting and I wouldn't be the first person to argue that Barbra Streisand has a tendency to fancy herself pretty much (and I myself was already able to tell so from the unnecessarily long ending of "The Prince of Tides" - a very good movie). But as annoying as it may sometimes be, this is an extremely well-done and multi-faceted movie. Let me try to tell you, why I voted "7".

It starts rather mediocre when Streisand and Jeff Bridges get to know each other, talk some silly stuff and behave like little children. From time to time it gives a number of very good lines to Lauren Bacall, who is perfect as Streisand's mother. By the time Streisand and Bridges get married you are tempted to say: "Yes, very nice, but it's crap actually, isn't it?" But you won't think of saying that in the end.

The movie is a romantic comedy - containing a couple of cliches, fine - but with a new, non-cliche structure. This is no kitsch, not at all, oh no! Instead, it's made up of very good lines and very truthful moments. These are connected in a way that makes our emotion rise but leaves us unable to tell which words, which gestures made it rise. How come? The romance doesn't develop in the way we would expect it and have seen it many times before, no, this romantic comedy goes the long way round: First there is only a small deal of attraction, then there is previously unknown disillusionment - a black hole almost - and then love enters the stage. The final romantic scene fits into romantic comedy conventions, but it also fits into the picture and Streisand and Bridges deserve it. What a wonderful movie!

Basically Barbra Streisand is a good actress, but she loves exaggerating. She is able to manage difficult scenes, but she tries to be funny where being funny can't work and sometimes she's just hopping through the scene like a twittering sparrow instead of performing the emotions required for that scene. And after her metamorphosis she's more interested in her make-up than in her character.

Lauren Bacall plays a mean, self-addicted and vain old beast with a heart and a vulnerable soul. The scene where mother and daughter talk openly in the kitchen is wonderful. Even Pierce Brosnan is better than I would have expected.

Finally, the movie shows us the great versatility of Jeff Bridges: you've never seen him so very soft before (rude as he was in "The Fabulous Baker Boys", cool in "Nadine" or smooth and evil in "Jagged Edge"). However, he is exaggerating, too: which man can act this untruthful and affected?! In the scenes from Streisand's and his marriage his character is almost eerie - may this be good or bad for the movie...

Reviewed by theowinthrop 10 / 10

Mirrors, Puccini, and the triumphant Ugly Duckling

This was the third film directed and starring Barbara Streisand. It did get a whopping big two Oscar nominations for the best song and for best supporting actress (Lauren Bacall). Neither won. Ms Streisand hit the Oscar gold with best actress for FUNNY GIRL, and since then has met with indifferent success - and almost none with her three directed films.

This film is a modern spin on Hans Christian Anderson's tale of the Ugly Duckling. She is the "homely" daughter of Lauren Bacall, a beauty specialist, and her younger sister Mimi Rogers is also beautiful to look at. But Mimi has had two unsuccessful marriages, and is seen at the start having her third marriage - this time to Pierce Brosnan, who initially showed an interest in Streisand.

Throughout her entire life she has been having a low esteem problem regarding sex. She is seen breaking dates with Austin Pendleton. We learn her closest friend is Brenda Vaccaro, who has also failed to do well with men. Yet she is a highly articulate and intelligent English professor at Columbia University.

It is Columbia University where the other part of this equation is found. Jeff Bridges is a leading figure in the math department. He is finding it difficult to recover from repeated failed sexual relationships. So he puts an add in the newspaper requesting to meet a suitable mate. Mimi Rogers notices the ad, and puts in a response for Streisand. After watching Streisand handle her English class (far better than Bridges can handle his calculus course), he calls her up and sets up a date.

Bridges has worked out a perfect solution for his sexual failures. He will marry a woman he can be chummy with, who is intelligent, and who will not require a sexual relationship (and who is so plain looking as not to invite his own sexual responses). Streisand follows this, not knowing to be insulted or to go along. Finally she agrees to go along with it, and they get married. But can they maintain this palsy-walsy pseudo-marriage, or it doomed?

Bacall gave a terrific performance as an apparently bitchy woman, who likes to show up her younger daughter (even at the latter's wedding), but who turns out to be more caring and wise than we first suspected. Brosnan gives a good performance, but it could have used a few filler scenes to broaden his character's history (we don't know how he and Streisand first met, nor how Rogers stole him away). Bridges is wonderful as a variant on the absent minded professor, who can't see the trees for the forest he wishes to plant. George Segal (who co-starred with Streisand in THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT two decades earlier) is good as Bridges' friend who sees too clearly how wrong-headed the experiment is. Rogers does well as a nymphomaniac who does not mind marriage as a badge of sexual success, but cannot stand the actual reason for that institution.

In the end Streisand does triumph - and she does hear Puccini in her ecstasy (TURANDOT by the way). You see, you are supposed to "hear" great romantic music - especially Puccini - when achieving sexual climax.

The film's title is a reminder of the whole issue of surface appearance that bedevils Streisand's ugly duckling (and several other characters too). It is a reminder of dressing up for dating, of looking attractive to men, and of the fact that we face ourselves in the mirror - and so do we face ourselves honestly or lying to ourselves? But watch carefully - in many scenes Streisand will shoot the scene from the point of view of the mirror. It becomes an all encompassing theme in this wonderful film.

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