The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bmoviemagic 8 / 10

Stephen Beason (Writer/Director of Hopeless Romantic) is hopelessly in love with this quirky rom-com!

One of the most genius instruments in a filmmaker's toolbox is to subvert expectations. No Country for Old Men is barely recognizable as a traditional western by the time you get to it's lethargic, nihilistic, and anti-climatic ending.

Memento dared to do a narrative film in the complete backward order and then Irreversible somehow managed to re-invent that same "new" concept just a little over a year later.

With a title like "Mistress Maneater", the way this film opens, and the subject matter of a dangerous romance between a Russian mob-connected Dominatrix and a cage fighter turned Priest trying not to slip back into old habits...

You might have an idea in your head already about how this will play out. I can assure you however that wherever your mind is going with what I've told you? You're wrong.

Instead of taking the easy way out, the triple threat writer, producer, and star of Mistress Maneater - the lovely Lorissa Julianus decides to turn this concept on its head as a...romantic comedy?

Sure, there's some tense drama and action and it's certainly a far cry from "Annie Hall" or "When Harry met Sally" - but wow, it works!

The dialogue is well written, snappy, and very witty. The jokes land 99.9% percent of the time and to the writer's credit, she even pokes fun at herself more than once in hilariously self-deprecating ways that feel completely undeserved!

Even on the very few and far between occasions where the joke didn't work for me - the performances and delivery at the very least made me crack a smile. Speaking of performances, everyone is bringing their absolute A-game to this film.

Shannon Brown as Gabe (perhaps an unintentional pun - Gaybe?) is hysterical as Lorissa's audaciously arrant gay best friend. He could've easily been cliche but his portrayal feels very progressive and genuine. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into writing his part and his performance is nothing short of genius - harkening back to the days of Nathan Lane, Harvey Fierstein, or perhaps a (somewhat) classier version of a character from a classic John Waters film.

Bonnie Morgan is a delight, its nice to see her stretch her acting legs a bit (no pun intended). I loved her in Hap and Leonard where she was one of at least two equally dazzling, beautiful, and talented redheads. Her sister, Molly, is no different and shines equally bright.

This film showcases the talent of Mickey O'Sullivan as well. The quintessential Irishman's Man is surprisingly believable as the tortured and tragic Father Radovan. The moments of sincerity and emotion between himself and his mother are very endearing and his turn as a romantic foil for Ava (Lorissa Julianus) just speaks to his dramatic and comedic range.

Saving the best for last, Lorissa Julianus...

What can I possibly say?

Pardon my French (or perhaps Russian...) but Holy S%$t! Lorissa is an amazingly talented actress. She knows her range quite well and disappears into the titular role.

She has found her niche as a tough sardonic and sarcastic boss-chick with a heart of gold. Her character arc isn't just skillfully written but entirely believable. By the end, when the romance is finally allowed to blossom and the two leads have room to breathe, it doesn't feel rushed or forced. It feels well earned.

The type of character Lorissa plays in Mistress Maneater fits into so many different genres.

You could easily drop her into a "500 Days of Summer" or "Scott Pilgrim" type of role and it'd be believable, you could place her into a gritty sci-fi to be what Gina Carano is to The Mandalorian or you could even throw her into a bloody 1970s Grindhouse piece akin to "Kill Bill", "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill" or a female-driven "Evil Dead" type of film and it would still work regardless.

I look at her and her skill and see the same potential and talent of a young Bruce Campbell or Lucy Lawless. A true character actress and the makings of a future cult icon. I hope someday Mistress Maneater becomes as recognizable of a franchise and character as Ripley, Sarah Connor, or Lara Croft.

Lorissa, CJ, and the entire cast and crew of Binary Star Productions are definitely destined for big things and hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to be apart of some of them!

I'm giving the Misadventures of Mistress Maneater four "groaning and grunting text notifications" out of a possible five

Go watch it guys!

Reviewed by baccaruda1 8 / 10

Indie Film Review "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater" by OneFilmFan

"I WANT OUT!!!" Have you ever reached that point of critical mass where it's truly time to cut ties and flee to something new, different, and less-punishing? It would seem to be something on many levels easy enough to do, right? Just up and quit and move on. However, when your present circumstances were founded out of forced servitude, the means to escape might not so clear cut, more so when debts to others are involved. Let's utilize the example of Ava Moriarty (Lorrisa Julianus), a PhD dropout turned involuntary dominatrix trying to find a way to abscond from a profession she's now had MUCH too much of. All that stands in her way? A Russian crime boss ex-boyfriend Boris (Adam Christopher), the corrupt Mayor Kupsik (Dave Lichty), an owed loan, and the new pastor in town, Father Radovan (Mickey O'Sullivan), who might be more than he appears while becoming unwittingly immersed in Ava's desperate bid for freedom-assuming she lives to tell any tales.

Gleefully lighthearted without being overtly pretentious, filled with wry comedic intelligence without being blatantly campy, surprisingly dramatic without being overly sensationalized, and ultimately charming in its grander execution, this 111-minute indie feature effort from director/producer C.J. Julianus, writer/producer/lead actress Lorrisa Julianus, and producer John Wesley Norton doesn't waste any time pretending to be anything else than what it is-a delightfully witty romantic comedy (with some action sequences thrown in for good measure!), which is a very, very good thing. Often, this critic feels that films can tread dangerous ground when attempting to BE something more than what they are and hence fall into all the classic pitfalls like overt predictability, overacting, and sometimes just plain cheesiness and/or lack of any true substance that's worth a view. Fortunately here, none of that was present, at least for me anyway.

While yes the film as a whole isn't necessarily reinventing the wheel when it comes to certain "standard" romcom expectations and uniformity in its foundational narrative presentation, it still felt fresh and fun thanks to what I felt was an intentional level of jovial absurdity in its cornerstone premise (I mean, a PhD-level minded dominatrix in trouble with the Russian mob, a corrupt politician, AND a Serbian priest who's a potential love interest? Not exactly typical in the romcom genre. Just sayin'. AND...NO disrespect/insult intended to those in the said profession, mind you) that actually works quite effectively to draw us as the viewer into the character's plight and the wondrous insanity that ensues when her bid to leave the job she doesn't remotely relish anymore ends up getting her into more trouble than she ever would have anticipated. It's all played for humor but tempered with some surprisingly serious moments that likewise fit perfectly into events being depicted.

Additionally, the rest of the story's baseline concepts do not tread in themselves upon any new ground, but yet are still filled with enough originality found through the key characters involved that it makes you not really concerned about that, but rather just sit back and enjoy the ride, all of it leading to a the finale that I felt was a little unexpected initially, but then wrapped up more as I would foresee, which was appealingly apropos and how I personally WANT a film of this nature to conclude. After all, the while idea of a romcom is to feel good about how things turn out, and I will simply state that that is achieved here in that "only in a romcom", "awww"-inducing, "make the heart warm" manner. As with so much of indie cinema and its character-driven roots, the myriad of other notions being explored like self-worth, gender discrimination, misguided pre-conceptions/assumptions, choosing right over wrong, how we build walls to protect ourselves (often to our detriment), forgiveness, and the value of integrity are also addressed amidst the comical moments, drama, and scattered action, all delivered with a smoothly shot visual style that is easy on the eye and a pacing that allows development without tedium.

Lorrisa Julianus was a flat out beautiful choice to play the circumstance-laden, career-beleaguered, wanting to get away and start over Ava, a woman of true intellect, raw beauty, and a wryly sassy, absolutely sexy demeanor who finds herself in over her head when all the plans she's had to leave the dominatrix life and actually use her brain instead of whips and chains get severely upended. Forced into a position where there's seemingly no choice but to fall in line to earn her way out of the mess, things take a decidedly abrupt turn when she falls for the mark she's supposed to undermine to gain her emancipation. Now under the gun (figuratively and literally), she has to make choices that could destroy other's lives to save her own, and the decision will effect everything moving forward. Honestly, it's a heartfelt, wholly bravado-filled, energetic performance Julianus gives us (plus a killer smile), and she's a complete joy to watch both vamp it up and be vulnerable through the entire affair with engaging, purely entertaining poise.

O'Sullivan likewise provides us a very (at first) understated then highly intense level of dynamic believability in his role as Father Radovan, the newly appointed pastor over a local church, who's main concern is taking care of his ailing mother, but also while hiding multiple facets of who he actually is in the context of ghosts from his past and current realities he's not even aware of. Becoming the unsuspecting pawn in a larger game when it comes to Ava, watching as his world begins to unravel while slowly becoming enamored with her is actually quite moving while also being hysterical and just enjoyable to watch unfold, all thanks to O'Sullivan's "everyman who's not TOTALLY an everyman" manner portrayed, making him the most effective pairing with Julianus' Ava. The chemistry he has with her is like a match waiting to be struck, and it's wonderfully enacted as such by O'Sullivan, making him a treat to witness just as much as Julianus.

Primary and additional supporting roles are magnificently rendered by Christopher as Ava's amusingly yet also at times seriously menacing ex and Russian mobster Boris, Shannon Brown as Ava's best friend and unintentional source of problems Gabe, Lichty as the deliciously slimly town politico Mayor Kupsik, John Mossman & Kalle Jogisoo as Boris' main henchmen Viktor and Vladimir, Joette Waters as Radovan's illness-stricken mother, Molly Morgan as local journalist Ashley, Cynda Williams & William Lee as church volunteers, Bonnie Morgan as a town librarian, and Robyn Coffin as an art student, along with appearances by Michael Kristula, Brian Barber, Ruth Kaufman, C.J. Julianus, and many others. In total, "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater" is a totally pleasurable, gratifying, winning piece of indie filmmaking that thankfully traded what could have been a much more brazenly irreverent/crude tone for a more randomly off-color but ultimately endearing and adventurous air that deserves credit to its makers for "whipping" up a jolly ride that doesn't "tie us down" or cause us pain, but rather "handcuffs" us with merriment. - One Film Fan

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