The Monkey and the Mouth


Documentary / Fantasy / Music

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 250

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Reviewed by zolizolidus-35734 8 / 10

Fantastic and a lot of energy and fun.

When I watched this I had no earlier experience of the group. Had not listen to any songs so I went blind into this.

Premiere outside Norway in Gothenburg at Göteborg film festival. The director was there and both "The monkey" and "the mouth".

This is brilliant made. They succeed to translate the energy from the concerts to the screen and its just fantastic to see.

The story around the concert segment is funny and entertaining so for me this was an absolutely fun ride to watch.

Will this translate to an international audience ? My answer is that I dont know but from my own experience I must say that the feel, and the energy alongside the beat works very well.

I understand that the Norweigan texts to the raps can be a bit raw but also references to local things in Norway. That doesnt take away the energy that they succeed to transfer.

In the Q and A after the movie they told that everything was strictly scripted. The good thing is that they make it look very natural.

This was an unexpected surprise for me and I hope that people that watch this also can connect with this movie the way I did.

This feels so different as an experience so I hope you give it a go and get that nice connect to it as I got.

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