The Morning After


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 6 / 10

This is actually a very easy watch and a lot of fun.

I had no idea what to expect from this, most of the cast I knew but only vaguely and for nothing standout that I could recall. As it turns out most of them turned in a really good performance. Stand outs were Chelsea Edmundson, Karli Rae Grogan, Michelle Lombardo. Sarah Otey and Roberto Aguire.

Sadly some of the acting was straight our of amateur porn, and some of the teenage uptalk was irritating to say the least. It'd be fine in a movie about 12 year olds but not with adults dealing with an adult subject.

The dialogue was mostly though spot on, it reminded me of some of my "morning afters" and in that way was most enjoyable too. The photography was delicious and flawless albeit very stock. A really fun movie, I liked it a lot.

Reviewed by ozmaozoz 6 / 10

The premise is great, however...

Yes I liked it...maybe a little bit of Steiner, maybe some Jung. I wouldn't expect many would understand the concept of a dead man walking himself into the future...something like the spear-holder at Gethsemane. I know you won't understand my review, but that's OK. Death, dream, its all the same...walking my way home. The land of the dead, one forgets what one journey is all about. See it twice. You might understand? The acting isn't great, but doesn't have to be... One needs to understand Greek myth. Death and life overlap eternally. Really, not much one can say, watch it. Hello, hello, what more can I say? Tell me? What?

Reviewed by davidrefaeli 8 / 10

Not bad for a low budget film

This is obviously a low budget film. The shoots are only indoor. A hostel, a hotel, an apartments, a big mansion. Phones play a major role of being the outlet to the outside world. It is both the gateway of drama as in the case of Sara and Jeremy. A protector for Diego and Ava's. A Rosetta stone for Dan and Stephanie. There are no points or big resolutions. Just a collage of life. Yet it's a not a realist movie, the actors are all surgeon-tly beautiful and the scenes are archetype-ical and not lacking of kitsch. A lot of sex is involved. The actors are scantly clad. I liked the subtlety of some things - they are not explicit, but you get what's happening anyway.

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