The Mortuary Collection


Action / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 3357

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Sarah Hay as Carol
Clancy Brown as Montgomery Dark
Jennifer Irwin as Margaret
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yogeshevolution 7 / 10

A good anthology

The stories in this collection are quite good and enjoyable. The atmosphere created adds the charm. It's really enjoyable horror anthology. And the way it is ended is nice finish.A good treat for horror fans.

Reviewed by thesar-2 8 / 10

Beware The Average-Sized Man

Man, do I love a good anthology. Namely a Horror Anthology. Wait. Do they really make any other kinds?

I like them so much, usually I'm very biased with them and judge the bad ones more harshly than I probably should. Mercifully, The Mortuary Collection is one of the better ones. Also, one with probably the longest wraparound ever.

But, no complaints, each story, including the wraparound, was wildly entertaining with great production designs, acting, sets and gore effects. I'm used these kinds of short stories within a story, so I expect certain things. And others, I'm pleasantly surprised. My guesses were NOT on fire with this one.

So, an "Alice" in this wonderland of frights is looking for a job at the local and creepy morgue run by an even creepier mortician. Oddly, and it did take me out of the movie for a bit, the applicant requests stories of her future employer in her spontaneous interview. That is certainly NOT recommended in real life.

But he complies and we're tricked and treated to some gems. It's definitely Rated-R, but not too far over the top sans a few scenes I had to look away. If you like these kinds of inventive stories within a movie, you must add this to your list.


Final thoughts: Probably the wraparound was my favorite, but I certainly liked them all. In the second story, I could swear Hollywood - no, The World - had found their next Clark Kent/Superman with the male lead, Frat-boi "Jake" played by 23-year-old Jacob Elordi. All I saw while watching him in practically every scene of Story Two was Superman. He'd be perfect in the evitable next reboot! (WB, you owe me if you pick him.)

More final thoughts: I loved that little Asian kid! He was so adorable and really added to the story at the right time. And, speaking of which, glad to see more and more Asians represented in American horror, unlike previous decades. And the kid wasn't the only Asian.

Reviewed by Tweetienator 7 / 10

Horror Served Well

I agree with those rather negative reviews that The Mortuary Collection is nothing special or unique - but, and this is a great but, everything we get served is well produced and good looking (nice settings, costume designs etc.). The actors (Clancy Brown and Caitlin Custer!) do very well, and some fine gory special effects spice things up. The twist in the end is also a nice one. Anyway, if you like all those oldskool Hammer Films anthologies (Vincent Price, Peter Cushing etc.) or shows like Tales From the Crypt, this one is just waiting for you.

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