The Most Unknown



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 61%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1708

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by modhuine 9 / 10

Outside their fields, still loving science

The concept is very good, a scientist from one discipline meets one from another and is introduced to their field of study. Passionate about their own field, they see another's and appreciate the host's subject, sometimes in awe, from an outsider's point of view, albeit the outsider is also a scientist. The host scientist then meets another scientist, again in a different discipline and the story continues. The science in most of the disciplines was very interesting and presented in an easy to understand way. All the scientists were likeable too. Very enjoyable.

Reviewed by jeannettedelday 7 / 10

Scientist Don't Know Everything about Everything Said The Non Scientist!

I personally found it a very interesting and different approach for a Scientific Documentary,

I did not see Egos, I saw people who were Experts in their own Fields who were excited to explain their serious knowledge and their work to an Expert in a different Scientific Field and then in turn they then became the 'Novice' in the next Field of Science they had to experience for which they had no indepth understanding/expertise.

What I came away from it with was the fact that Science as a whole has to communicate between all Fields of Expertise to better understand so much more, what ever answers they are all ultimately looking for, and to not assume that only their Field has or will give the answer to all the questions they are all possibly individually looking for or aiming to resolve ultimately, there are other aspects to always consider.

Said the Non Science Person who failed all her Science O Levels!

Just my opnion, I enjoyed it :)

Reviewed by carol-178 7 / 10

Interesting scientists, not a lot of science.

This was more of an introduction to scientists with the most cursory touching on their areas of research. I enjoyed it as that, once I realized we were not going to actually get much science other than elucidating what current questions were being pursued. Probably this would be a good intro to high school kids who are considering careers in scientific fields. I thought the concept of having interdiscisciplinary scientists interview one another was great. The scientists chosen are leaders and were quite personable, not arrogant in the least. I would have preferred to have more details about their work, though.

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