The Mummy's Shroud



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André Morell as Sir Basil Walden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ProfessorMovieMovie 7 / 10

Awwww Hammer Films... Gotta Love 'Em

OK, it's a corny mummy movie made by Hammer Films in the 1960's. Low budget, over the top acting, cool creepy music and a really scary Mummy monster. Really, what more do you need? If you are a Hammer fan, you will definitely enjoy this one. If not, you may not want to bother. Hammer wasn't trying to fool anyone into thinking of this movie as some kind of masterpiece. Its just a monster movie of the Saturday matinée, or late night channel surfing variety. Nothing to write to Oscar about. In other words, its a Hammer film... get the popcorn and soda, fluff up your sofa cushion, prop your head back, put your feet up and kick back and enjoy!

Reviewed by it001k0306 7 / 10

Hammer is Hammer - sometime's cheap but always entertaining!

This isn't the best of Hammer, despite being directed by John Gilling who, at his best, provided some of the studio's finest. Obviously, the acting presence of Cushing and/or Lee would have improved matters but Hammer stalwarts Andre Morell and Michael Ripper more than do their bit. The Mummy is visually interesting and the emotionless visage coupled with its implacable intent make it pretty chilling at times. Some scenes in this one have clearly inspired later Mummy films. The budget obviously isn't the highest but Hammer always make their films look and sound good. As for the review which notes that the narration sounds nothing like Peter Cushing...get your ears syringed, man! It quite blatantly DOES have similarities and, whilst it clearly isn't Cushing, it's understandable that the error could be made by the inexpert in the matter. That legendary gentleman is my favourite actor so I consider myself to be a reasonable judge.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10

The Mummy's Shroud: Third times not the charm

The Mummy's Shroud is the third of four Hammer Horror "The Mummy" movies and thus far sadly this is the worst.

With no star power, a weak looking mummy and exactly the same plot as before it really is a weak link.

Stop me if you've heard this one. A group go on an excavation, uncover a tomb but find themselves besieged by a mummy and get picked off one by one.

This time however at least there is no reincarnated love interest for how horny bandage wearer!

Dull, lifeless, with few characters worth a damn and a script that feels highly recycled. Maybe I'm burning myself out watching all of these back to back, but this failed to entertain on any level.

The Good:

Interesting finale......kinda of

The Bad:

Worst looking mummy yet

Very dull

No originality

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Wine does not go in the ear

All Egyptians have bad teeth

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