The Murder of Hi Good



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Reviewed by nafps 7 / 10

Docudrama on Those Who Carry Out Genocide

The description leaves something to be desired. Neither revisionist nor really even a western, and certainly not "acid." It's a low budget (understandably) docudrama, historical reenactment mixed with interviews with local historians.

And it's well done and interesting for what it is and the severe limits the film makers and actors are working with. The film is almost a first. Except for Ishi Last of His Tribe, it is the only other film to my knowledge about California Indian Genocide. The makers should be commended for that first of all.

The film describes the life and death of a bounty hunter and slave owner who kills Natives for profit. It also shows Indian hunting militias, enslavement, and colonists who entertain themselves reenacting murders.

There is one gratuitous sex scene, showing male on male sex with one dressed as a woman, that serves no purpose. There are also a few minor character actors who don't enunciate very well. The subject is deserving of a big budget film.

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