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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 5 10 404

Keywords:   woman director, road trip, family relationships, jealousy, flashback

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lewismccann 2 / 10

Pretty Terrible

I was never much of a Catherine Tate fan. I remember her programme being popular years ago and recall her stints on Doctor Who and the Office (US). I cannnot understand why around 10-15 years after she was relevant in UK popular culture there has been a movie made bringing one of her old characters out of retirement. Their is surely not enough of an appetite for this even amongst avid viewers at the time. Despite this I went along for a Sunday viewing and was pretty appaled with the quality on display. The jokes mainly fall flat and the story just becomes tediously boring. The constant flashbacks are dull for the most part and I didn't find the character of Nan herself to be likeable or interesting. That laugh was really getting on my t*ts. There is all the usual tropes of a rubbish comedy film- scene where unassuming character takes hardcore drugs, some poorly-edited action scenes to break up the jokes and of course a stupid looking vechile for the leads to travel about in from one mind numbingly dull scene to the next.

Also, Nan looks at least 30 in the early 1940s but can still crowdsurf in a giant rave like its nothing. Should she not be over 100?? Sadly I would suggest giving this one a hard swerve. Comedy movies rarely come out these days and efforts like this do nothing to serve the cause.

Reviewed by liamnewell 4 / 10

Low Expectations - Better Outcome

I will start by saying that this movie is, probably, about 10 years too late. Had this been made early '10's, I can imagine a better response. The jokes are outdated and we've heard them all before. The 'present' scenes are predictable though I found the ending to be really good.

The 'past' scenes I thought were amazing, and my four stars are for them. The movie would have been better going down the route of Nan telling Jamie about the past without a road trip, then ending with the meeting. Catherine and Katherine did a good job in those scenes.

The worst part was, by far, the out of place and ridiculous animation that bought nothing to the movie.

So, would I recommend the film?

Sober - No.

After a few drinks - Sure.

Go in with low expectations and I think you'll enjoy the movie due to the flashbacks.

Reviewed by jscully-11338 2 / 10

I went into this out of morbid curiosity

This was always going to be rubbish. I can't believe they got this film funded.

I'd rather watch paint dry than ever see this again, and I truly mean that.

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