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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CineBoBo 1 / 10

Moral of the movie - Don't buy used stuffed toys from yard sale

The other title Bewailing is quite appropriate as you would be bewailing if you see this movie till the end. Absolutely lazy pace, nothing much happens throughout, an insect is shown a few times. What's worse is the movie ends at a similar point where it started(the parasite is ready to start the infestation through stuffed toys again). It's like if you watched the first few minutes and don't bother to watch the rest, you won't be missing anything because it's gonna end up at the same place. Only thing is wastage of time and much annoyance can be avoided.

I fast forwarded through most part, still felt cheated of my time.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10

You might need a pot of coffee or two for this one...

Granted, I was lured in to watching the 2021 movie "The Nest" (aka "The Bewailing") given the movie's rather interesting cover/poster, and also because it was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen.

But "The Nest" from writer Jennifer Trudrung and director James Suttles just proved to be a very generic and mundane foray into the creepy crawlers subgenre of the horror genre. Yeah, "The Nest" doesn't really deliver much of anything, aside from a whole lot of nothing happening. And you need to venture about 1 hour and 12 minutes into the movie before it starts becoming mildly interesting, but by that time it was just too little, too late.

Sure, the concept idea behind "The Nest" is interesting, and there definitely is potential for something truly entertaining and disturbing here. But director James Suttles only managed to deliver a sub-par movie here.

While I managed to sit through the entire ordeal, I must admit that I was tempted to get up and walk out on it a couple of times along the way. Why? Well, simply because not enough of anything worthwhile was happening throughout the majority of the movie. And by the time director James Suttles opted to amp up the events, then it was just simply too late.

The acting in the movie was adequate, though it was clear that the actors and actresses were struggling with a sub-par script and storyline. And it didn't really help the movie much that the characters were mostly bland and lacking in-depth personalities.

Sure, they had an okay ensemble of actors and actresses on the cast list here, with even Dee Wallace being here. However, even someone as iconic as her could do only so little to salvage the movie.

The movie's title, "The Nest", sort of is very unfitting for the movie. I would assume that there would have been additional bugs in order for it to be a nest. And especially so since the movie's cover portrayed a heap of insects. But instead I found myself treated to seeing a single insect, and it only popped up at 72 minutes into the ordeal. And it wasn't even worth the wait, very anti-climatic.

It should be said though that the visuals with the teddy bear with the enlarged eyes definitely worked well. Because that teddy bear certainly had something insect-like going on, and I liked that. And the effects when it opened up its belly to unleash the insect inside, definitely also looked good, especially with the good and the sticky residue.

For a horror movie then "The Nest" just failed to be an outstanding, much less being an overly memorable and entertaining horror movie. It simply proved too boring and uneventful, and the movie will just simply slip away into the mists of oblivion without having left any type of lasting impression on me.

I was rather disappointed with this movie, especially since I was looking forward to seeing it, given the movie's cover and the fact that Dee Wallace was in it.

I am rating "The Nest" a rather generous four out of ten stars.

Reviewed by theblacklizard 8 / 10

Stays Engaging

When comparing this relative to other recent media, it scores highly.

The plot stays engaging, the actors aren't annoying (even the kid actors do a good job) and you cannot tell which way the ending will finally go

This is worth a watch.

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