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George Macready as Edward Galt
Jock Mahoney as Sandy
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Dorothy Malone as Karen Galt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

Inoffensive and not particularly noteworthy

I love Randolph Scott westerns. In this genre, his films usually stand out from the rest because of his laid back but likable characters as well as the usually better than average scripts. His films he made with Bud Boetticher and Sam Peckinpah are true classics. However, it was inevitable that he also made quite a few very ordinary films and THE NEVADAN is about as ordinary as you can get. Now I am NOT saying it's a bad film--it's just that there are way too many familiar plot points--to the point where they seem more like clichés than anything else.

The film begins with prisoner Forrest Tucker escaping while on his way to another prison. When he met up with "ordinary guy" Scott, I knew that it would turn out in the end that Scott was a lawman--rarely did Scott ever play the villain and there have been quite a few other films where a lawman makes friends with a robber to find out where he stashed the missing loot. And, surprise, surprise, that's exactly where the film ended up by the end. In addition, there must be a clichéd "big bad boss" (George Macready) who also wants to get the gold and, as usual, he'll stop at nothing to get it.

I can't tell you how many other films reminded me of THE NEVADAN, but because it had all been seen before, there were absolutely no surprises. However, given Scott's likable persona, at least the journey to the all-too-predictable finale was pleasant.

Oh, and did I mention...there also was a love interest for Scott--and it was Macready's daughter! Again, been there, done that--though often it's a wife, not a daughter.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Tucker's Hidden Treasure

The Nevadan finds Randolph Scott in a three cornered battle for some stolen gold that escaped outlaw Forrest Tucker has hidden away. After Tucker has made good an escape from authorities, Scott turns up on his trail and proves quite useful. Still Tucker can't figure out why he's turning up all the time and being so helpful.

The other part of this mystery is George MacReady who was doing several Randolph Scott westerns at this time. He's a seemingly respectable rancher, but he's got some thugs on the payroll who include Jock Mahoney and bickering brothers Frank Faylen and Jeff Corey ready to do his bidding and he's cutting himself in on Tucker's hidden treasure.

Complicating all this is Dorothy Malone, MacReady's daughter, a lovely thing who is totally clueless about her old man. She takes a fancy to Scott and he to her which causes problems for everyone involved.

The Nevadan is a good Randolph Scott western that tries for a bit of mystery. The action is good, but the mystery isn't. The people in the film are cast in roles traditional to them so any experienced film watcher can almost predict what will happen.

Best part of The Nevadan is the inevitable three cornered shootout at the location of the loot. I think you can figure out who comes out on top.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 6 / 10

"I pay for everything eventually."

I've seen quite a few Randolph Scott movies, and the thing I notice about him as a Western star is the frequent number of outfit changes he goes through in a picture. It's more noticeable in color of course, but it occurs in his black and white films as well. The interesting thing about "The Nevadan" is that the story actually builds in reasons for those changes, as in the switcheroo with outlaw Tanner (Forrest Tucker) in an early scene. I've never really heard anyone mention it before, but the next time you watch a Scott picture, keep it in mind and you'll usually catch him in three or four different shirts at least.

As for the story, Scott's character Andrew Barclay keeps his identity under wraps as a federal marshal, as he tries to find out where Tanner has stashed a quarter million in gold from a prior robbery. He finds himself competing with Red Sand town boss Ed Galt (George Macready) who also has his eyes on the prize as it were. Galt already has a hand in every business enterprise going in town, but as is usual in such cases, more is not enough.

I always enjoy seeing Jock Mahoney in a Western, and in the ones where he doesn't have a lead role, he usually turns up as a villain. Same story here, he's Galt's main henchman Sandy, but with only a single viewing on Encore Westerns yesterday, it seemed that his face wasn't always clearly visible. Galt was always having him do some dirty work, so it probably doesn't matter much, but if you didn't know he was listed in the credits, it would be pretty easy to miss him. Mahoney started in pictures as a stunt man, and his riding skill is apparent in that scene when Karen Galt (Dorothy Malone) kicks his horse away. To really appreciate his skill on a horse though, try to catch a few episodes of his Range Rider series where he really gets to show his stuff. The only thing that bothered me about his role here was when he gave chase to another rider and wound up hitting a tree branch knocking him off his horse; that looked just dumb.

As for Dorothy Malone, I've seen her in back to back Westerns now, the other being 1955's "Five Guns West". Competent in both, I'm still waiting to catch her in a role more like the one of the bookstore clerk she portrayed opposite Humphrey Bogart in "The Big Sleep". It was only a minor role, but the scene crackled with double entendres that made it a hit of the picture.

With all said and done, "The Nevadan" is merely an average flick, I really didn't detect much of a spark in any of the performances. Much of the supporting cast is composed of lesser known character actors, and the running gag between a pair of brothers (Frank Faylen and Jeff Corey) about a local saloon girl never amounted to anything. Encore Western fanatics like myself should be satisfied with a single viewing.

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