The New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sinahaase-960-743497 10 / 10

I'd shave my head too if it was me

If the biggest losers of the world were making millions off of taking pictures of me, I'd shave my head too! I totally get it! An appropriate setting to take someone like Spears' picture would be when she's doing a freaking show. Buy a damn ticket and take your pictures there. NOT when shes out and about trying to just be a human being and buy some groceries. And definitely NOT following her to her home or ex's home just to freaking spy on her intimate privacy!!! What a joke. How can paparazzi photographers live with themselves? They're worse than annoying scamming telemarketers. All they care about is MONEY. Hey if she's posing for a photo op or on the red carpet or anywhere else that photographers are invited, then okayyyy!!! But yeah anyways, I blame any stress she had on them. Sure, maybe her emotions got away from her a couple of times, but that happens to me like 2x a week but seriously she's just a normal human like the rest of us who is talented and gifted and plenty of people cashed in on her life. Sad. Britney: I hope you are happy forever and I will always love your music :)

Reviewed by jjdausey 9 / 10

Poor Britney

PS is anyone else convinced Paris Hilton was a completely evil, corrupting influence on Britney and Lohan?

Reviewed by devinwideman 10 / 10

A heartbreaking look at a pop icon's legacy

The New York Times did an excellent job and revisiting Spears' career through the #metoo lens and highlighting the constant misogyny she dealt with from a young age all the way until now. It will give you a newfound respect for her, one that is well overdue.

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