The Night House


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 6150

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loganwmedia 7 / 10

The Night House

It has the trappings of genre films I like, and how it peels back layers of information is very compelling. That said, I found the ending anti-climactic, and I wanted it to leave me feeling more unnerved than it did.

Reviewed by maxtsoul 6 / 10

Not the best, not the worst..

The film was alright. Great acting. Awesome suspense until the end.. Good plot concept, but then came the climax which fell really flat and was extremely disappointing because it ruined what could have been an all around enjoyable thriller.

Reviewed by themadcamel 5 / 10

Genuinely Creepy, But....

Good pace, Brilliantly acted, and above all intense and genuinely creepy......


And this is where it looses me...

Being Vague isn't intelligent.

So many films these days just skip over that little part where it all comes together. Where the plot thickens. They avoid massive plot holes And just look the other way.

There are whole scenes in this movie that have absolutely nothing to do with anything, they are only there to be scary and mysterious, but don't further the plot or are even explained in anyway.

It's A Mystery if the Writer clearly has no idea how to end it?

Would "Seven" have been a better film if we never found out "Whats in The Box"?


Leaving the viewer to fill in the voids is lazy storytelling.

Rant over.

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