The Nights Before Christmas


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.7 10 84

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vengeance20 3 / 10

Not Great, But Ok

Got this recently and have just finished watching this film. It's not great but its ok for what it is.

The film follows 2 serial killers who use the persona of Mr. & Mrs. Clause. Police are trying to track them down & put a stop to their killing spree. But a deadly revelation is about to be unearthed as the police close in...!

The film was ok, the kills weren't amazing but the film was below average for me anyway. I did feel that for what it was the film was overly long at 96 minutes. The eye candy & gore were pretty good however despite everything else.

Overall not a great film. But it's ok. 3/10

Reviewed by bilfil-68479 1 / 10

( subtract at least 5 stars from rating because it is made in canada )

No excuse for it being so bad as it looks to have had a decent budget. but what else can you expect from a canadian production?? dumb plots with mediocre canadian actors who always look like genetically inferior versions of their american counterparts. i mean, ALWAYS. zero appeal, zero presence, and zero charisma.....just a bunch of goofs. but hey, go ahead and watch an idiot.

Reviewed by teresajose-68111 2 / 10


So this had such potential to be good. The story was well thought out but the acting.....shockingly bad. From ALL actors and actresses. At first I thought it was just the FBI woman and the 'mrs Claus' who was bad but then I noticed all the actors were awful. Absolutely awful. It's really difficult to watch actually. The production seems okay and the story, like I said, was good. But all the actors were TERRIBLE. There was one scene where the 'mrs Claus' had her shoe heal in an FBI mans throat and she killed him while another FBI man with his gun in her face just stands there and doesn't shoot. Like yeah, okay then. And the 'Santa' is cutting a rope with a machete and is cutting so stupidly it's frustrating. The 'Santa' also cuts a mans manhood off but they way he does it, the man could have gotten away because he WOULD have seen it coming. But he just stands there. If this movie had better actors, it could have been good. But it's laughable. The script is pretty rubbish too. It's almost like this movie was given to complete amateurs. Wouldn't recommend. 2/10

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