The Nightshifter


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1294

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Reviewed by HairyMart1 6 / 10

Patchy Haunting Horror

A morgue attendant who can talk to the recently deceased sounds like a good premise for a ghost story. Add in the fact that many of those who are brought in are from Sao Paulo crime gangs, and should have the makings of something special. Unfortunately it does not live up to its potential, it does have some well constructed scares, and the backscape of Sao Paulo underworld is used well, building on the theme of the cycle of violence. The film does not quite hang together mostly due to its pacing - a slow build of tension, is a tried and tested technique, diving head first into the full blown terror can work, but can also get repetitive. Which is what happens here, leaving the film stuck for over half its running time, with no progress or story development. You understand that characters have limited choices due to their circumstances, but the complete inertia the story gets stuck in does underplay the scares. Still not a bad effort, and definitely not for the squeamish, as the morgue scenes do not hold back.

Reviewed by hyperfixx 8 / 10

Dead People Talking

The Nightshifter (2018)

A man who works at a morgue can communicate with the dead. One of the stiffs tells him something private and he decides to use it against someone who wronged him, with dire results. The cool part about this movie is the CGI effect used to make the dead bodies talk. It's nothing spectacular, but it does add to the overall unreality of the situation. Add some decent plot twists and an engaging enough story and this one is highly watchable. It does have its reaching moments though. Sometimes the scenes feel a little forced, like 'here is something creepy for you to be scared of,' but the film makes up for that with realistic dead morgue bodies, complete with cut open chest cavities, heads in jars, and various body parts laying around. It looks like the morgue from hell. A solid film about what happens when we take the law of the dead into our own living hands. 8 out of 10 stars.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

Not your average horror movie...

I happened to find "Morto Não Fala" (aka "The Nightshifter") by sheer luck. And seeing that it was a horror movie, of course I had to sit down and watch it. How could I not, when I am a life-long horror fan?

This 2018 Brazilian horror movie was actually a nice surprise of a movie, as it turned out to be rather interesting. And it also had a very interesting and captivating storyline, so I was caught up early on in the movie.

The acting in the movie was good, and I always enjoy watching movies with no familiar faces on the cast list, so I was in for a treat here.

"The Nightshifter" does happen to be sort of generic, in terms of how the storyline and plot is constructed and built, for better or worse. But still, regardless, then I will say that the movie was actually quite enjoyable.

There wasn't really a whole lot of scary things going on in the movie, but director Dennison Ramalho was good at setting the atmosphere and building it up to the point where the audience becomes involved in the storyline.

All in all, "The Nightshifter" is an enjoyable movie, especially if you enjoy horror movies. So if you have no quarrel with non-English language movies, and if you have the chance, then do yourself the favor to sit down and watch "The Nightshifter", because it is quite entertaining.

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