The Oak Room



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 147

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RJ Mitte as Steve
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shewattsi 8 / 10

Atmospheric and effective

I saw The Oak Room recently at a local film festival and am very pleased I had the opportunity. This film is set in a bar at closing time during a snow storm. One character tells the other a story, and we go from there. Now whilst some of the acting is a little over the top or unconvincing in places, on the whole this was very well done. The setting of the bar and the snowstorm was done so well that despite being indoors and properly dressed for October, I was cold! The film made me feel cold! The tension was built over the course of the film, with a twist that I wasn't fully expecting. I knocked a couple of stars off as despite fully understanding the plot and twist, things were introduced towards the very end that weren't given proper context. It didn't ruin the film at all, it just felt like a few loose ends. Overall I really enjoyed The Oak Room.

Reviewed by OJT 7 / 10

A stormy cold day

The Oak Room is a good movie with a creepy feel. It's all about the mystery and the mood - and he dialog. It all starts with a man entering a remote bar in a snow storm as it's closing for the evening. The man is known to the bartender, and the meeting is the start of an eerie evening, with a story told the very same way this movie starts. Who are these men, how are they interconnected?

Well played, and with good tension, this movie unfolds like a theatrical chamber play where it lies in the dialog.

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