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Reviewed by matthewmillerwriter 3 / 10

Incredibly unrealistic, slightly entertaining

The concept behind this film was not bad. It could have been a solid film. It was entertaining, sure. My wife watched it entirely through, and she never watches horror, so that means something.

That being the case, the characters had chance after chance to escape, to overcome their captors, to kill their tormentors, etc. They never took it. Not once.

Real humans in this situation (I will not give away the spoilers) would have tried more than once to escape, and could have likely succeeded, given the captive-to-captor ratio. At least some of them could have escaped.

One good thing is that the characters had stories, and the acting was not terrible. It was so unrealistic, however, in terms of escape, that it was a huge problem with the plot.

I suppose it's worth a watch for mild entertainment, but prepare to spot countless plot holes.

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