The Odyssey


Adventure / Biography / Drama

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Audrey Tautou as Simone Cousteau
Dylan Edy as Louis Prezelin
Lambert Wilson as Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Jenna Saras as La fille dans la décapotable
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Reviewed by pnck71 8 / 10


It's a very well done film. It certainly wasn't easy to squeeze half a man's life into 2 hours but I think they've kept a good balance between the beautiful under-the-sea shots and the family ups and downs and the financial challenges he faced. Obviously, they did not have much time for any in-depth analysis, mostly walked us through the main milestones of his life. But the film is shot and edited perfectly. The scenes just flow from one to another, speeding up and slowing down as needed, as kids grow, as decisions need to be made, as people leave and return. The film is not all rosy and it did not shy away from some of the less pleasant sides of the great man. But I think it was handled with good tact, they did not dwell on it but kind of just mentioned it, hey, we are all human after all. And of course, there are enough shots for you to go wow that's a fricking beautiful world down there.

Reviewed by esmerrydomingo 10 / 10

Work of art

This film is magical. The cinematography is mesmerizing and the shots under water and in Antarctica are especially powerful. The actors are excellent and the story is made more human by showing Jacques as a man with flaws, not just the celebrated hero the world made him out to be. It is a beautiful art film with an important message about conservation, so don't bother going if you're looking for Fast and the Furious. Worth watching if you aren't!

Reviewed by debeggerch 10 / 10

A beautiful and important film not to miss

This is a beautiful, poignant film, which artfully uses a (true) family story to magnify a larger global tragedy, of which we are all a part. The audience of which I was a part, was moved to silence and stillness at the end of the film. I left the movie house changed for the better and in deep introspection.

Unfortunately, the film is only available in French, as far as I know, which limits its exposure. The film provides much food for thought and reflection as well as impressive images of our beautiful and precious world, which we so ashamedly, if without malice, neglect. As you can tell, I highly recommend this film.

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