The Old Way


Action / Western

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 129

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Top cast

Nicolas Cage as Colton Briggs
Clint Howard as Eustice
Abraham Benrubi as Big Mike
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmFanatic2023 3 / 10

A Missed Opportunity for Nicolas Cage to Show Off His Western Skills

"The Old Way" is a Western movie starring Nicolas Cage as Colton Briggs, a cold-blooded gunslinger who is forced to confront his past when his wife is brutally murdered and he sets out on a mission of revenge. Along the way, he takes his young daughter Brooke (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) with him, teaching her how to shoot and defend herself. The movie's plot is a blend of elements from other Westerns, including "True Grit" and "Unforgiven," and features themes of grief, revenge, and the processing of emotions.

Cage delivers a solid performance as Colton, fully embracing the tough, no-nonsense persona of his character. However, the script by Carl W. Lucas is heavy on dialogue and lacks the subtlety and nuance needed to fully flesh out the characters and their motivations. The direction by Brett Donowho is competent, but fails to elevate the material. The cinematography and production design are serviceable, but the pacing is slow and the movie feels longer than its runtime.

Overall, "The Old Way" is a forgettable addition to the Western genre. While Cage's performance is worth noting, the movie is bogged down by a script that lacks depth and fails to fully engage the audience.

Reviewed by shanakin 8 / 10

Solid western for our time...

Must say I really enjoyed this, with all the overblown movies that have a ton of special effects and millions of dollars thrown into so many forgettable movies now it's nice to know that there are just good movies that are still made. I'm not saying this is the best western ever made, but for what the actors are given and just a solid revenge story it is certainly well made.

Beautiful cinematography of the Wyoming state, and of all the actors I must say the young Ryan Kiera Armstrong gives a nice subtle performance that also really brings the movie together. I won't give away the movie with all kinds of spoilers, please, go check it out in the theatre if it's showing it's certainly not a waste of time. I think you will find just a good movie.

Reviewed by gregflowers-30105 5 / 10

This is no True Grit

I went to see this move because it had a 7.0 at the time. I don't know what you people are thinking. I even went on half-off night and still regret it. The little girl is the best actor out of the entire cast by far. Even Cage comes up short. For hardened criminals in the cowboy days, the bad guys look like frat boys dressed up for Halloween. Or, use an excellent face moisturizer from the mercantile. And any scene with them feels like you are watching a middle school theater performance. There are so many corny punch lines as well. From the first 5 minutes it was cringe and never got better. The story line was rushed and seemed like key scenes were cut. I hate to be negative but it's a bust. Movies such as True Grit and Open Range are on a far different level of plot, authenticity, and acting. This doesn't come close and felt like another low budget Netflix film where everyone did the absolute minimum. If you think this is going to be a film about raw vengeance like the trailer suggests, it isn't. I could go on but I have made my point.

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