The Oracle


Crime / Horror

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Keywords:   woman director, ghost, demon, spirit, gypsy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

The cold touch from beyond the grave.

A young newly married woman, Jennifer, stumbles across a writing tool called the Oracle, which is an Ouija device that was used by the previous occupant of their apartment. For some entertainment with her friends she brings out the device for a séance, where she unwillingly gets in contact with a revengeful spirit who was murdered. No one believes her that the spiritual connection with the medium is real and to make matters worse the mystery gets more dangerous when she calls the number the spirit gave her. It leads her to his wife and now the killers of her husband are now tracking down Jennifer.

The curse of the 80s horror cheese (that's extremely cheesy by the way) strikes again in this ridiculously dumb and cheaply done bungle of lightweight schlock. Despite being a rather ghastly piece, it's oddly watchable and to a certain degree enjoyable junk. Honestly the premise is quite unique and there are inventive ideas cooked up, on the other hand the budget and the execution doesn't entirely complement the vision. But then who am I to complain when it didn't cop out on the splatter. It's grisly, outlandish and terribly campy stuff! Watch the blood fly across the screen. An ominously brooding atmosphere with a murky colour scheme and jittery sound effects adds to the fun. A blunt synthesizer packed score springs into action and the shoddy special effects (like the rotting corpse and a green floating skull) are unintentionally funny.

The direction by Roberta Findlay is simply clumsy, but her no-bars approach means there's a certain randomness that makes those clammy and plodding moments move on in a hurry. Well, some moments do feel like they're trapped in slow motion. They are basically those chase scenes. It might be light on suspense, but there are oddball thrills in minor spurts that have meagre potency. The cruddy performances are pretty dry. The constant squealing from the lead Caroline Capers Powers can get somewhat frustrating, but overall she was fair. Pam La Testa makes quite an impression as the bulky butch killer with a deep, no-nonsense attitude.

"The Oracle" is a corn-filled slice of 80s low-budget horror that's craptastic.

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

Talk to the Supernatural Hand...

"The Oracle" isn't exactly what you'd call a masterpiece of horror, but it definitely surpassed my expectations and I can't deny having enjoyed it immensely. This movie is like a prototype of super-cheesy 80's horror, with silly plot lines and gooey special effects throughout the entire playtime. As long as you're an undemanding fan of the genre, it'll be pretty difficult NOT to enjoy it, actually. Quite a couple of low-budget 80's horror movies revolved on possession and spiritual media, and even though none of them are able to scare the crap out of you, they always deliver at least some bloody murders and/or atmospheric scenery. The ghostly medium in "The Oracle" is an ancient stone hand carrying the restless soul of a murdered businessman and possessing the life of a newlywed girl that moved in to the apartment where the eerie device was kept. The ghost forces Jennifer to seek contact with his widow as well as his murderers, but also eliminates everyone that tries to help the young woman getting rid of …The Hand. It's very good and original idea of the script to not only follow Jennifer but also the killers right from the beginning. Early in the film, we witness how a genuinely uncanny battleaxe (Pam La Testa) sadistically hacks up a prostitute. We have no idea who she (he?) is at that point, and it's only much later before Jennifer identifies her as one of the killers during a vision. I wouldn't go so far to call this idea intelligent, but it's certainly more creative than I'm used seeing of independent 80's splatter. The massacre of the prostitute is pretty graphic and disturbing, yet the other kills are delightfully cheesy. One guy stabs himself to death because he imagines monsters crawling over his skin, another victim is assaulted by a floating skull and another bloke even has his head clean torn off by a pair of green-clawed hands! It's rather peculiar to notice that Roberta Findlay directed this flick and even in the same year she also made "Tenement: Game of Survival". That movie is completely opposite in tone to "The Oracle", as it's raw and sickening exploitation centering on gang wars, rape & revenge, drug issues and urban decay. I guess Roberta just was a versatile filmmaker...

Reviewed by udar55 5 / 10

See it for the DVD extras

I put this in a few days before Christmas and, to my surprise, it is set during the Xmas and New Year's holidays. So I officially have a new entry into my holiday themed horror flicks! Jennifer (Caroline Capers Powers) and husband Ray (Roger Neil) move into a new apartment once inhabited by a psychic medium. Naturally, Jennifer locates a trinket that communicates with the dead and they take her up on the offer. She is contacted by one William Graham, an industrialist who committed suicide some weeks earlier. Jennifer has visions of the true culprits, but no one believes her!

Filmed entirely in NYC, this Roberta Findlay cheapie really doesn't have much going for it. Still, I was entertained for all of the wrong reasons. There is lots of goofy gore and bad acting on display. Lead Powers is attractive and a decent actress, but never made another film (how does that happen?). The real reasons to see this flick are the DVD extras on the Media Blasters release. There is a hilarious half hour interview with Findlay about the film where she covers everything about the film from casting the big lesbian to her love of Jack Daniels to the South's love of horror films ("It's the only good thing about it!"). There is also a audio commentary where Findlay pulls no punches. I love listening to her talk.

What is interesting is that this film came out a year before the more celebrated (and admittedly better) WITCHBOARD. They basically are the exact same film and it makes me wonder if Kevin Tenney saw this and thought, "I can do that a lot better."

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