The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robd-02253 10 / 10

Must See!

The Orange years does a perfect job bringing back to my childhood through the stories of the kids (now adults) who built Nickelodeon. If you're a fan of anything Nickelodeon past or present this is without a doubt a must see.

Reviewed by nayrb2003 9 / 10

great walk down memory lane

It was nice seeing some of the old shows I used to watch and how they started, but after watching this documentary about nickelodeon it's easy to see where they lost sight of what they started out as, way before sponge bob and Dora as stated in the show. When your breakout show is about kids being kids and just having fun and making fun of everything (You can't do that on television) in fact most of what the kids did in that show would not be allowed now, which is why they will never release the series. They also a few great shows after that. But once you start to guide kids thinking you will lose them. I think it started with nick news, they kind of mention it in the show that they had this huge audience now what do we do with them? Once you start manipulating kids into seeing what YOU want them to see and care about and inject political correctness into their shows, you start to lose some of them and before they knew it they were just another corporation that lost touch with its customers. Don't get me wrong they had some good shows in the later years, Josh & Drake, I-Carly and a few others but even those were best in the early episodes because they were much rawer and a little less P.C. but I suppose that happens to every show.

Reviewed by mrjlmills 10 / 10

Did not disappoint!

I was so excited when I heard about this movie, as a kid growing up in the late 80's and early 90's Nickelodeon was everything so my expectations were pretty high going in. I am happy to report that this movie did not let me down at all! My wife and I made a date night out of it and man did it take us on a journey. We even stayed up reminiscing about all the stuff we had forgotten for hours after the movie was over. It's all there. The shows and stars you remember. The shows and stars you forgot. The history. The production value. The flow. I was just sad when it was over. I highly recommend this film, I'm going to watch it again with my kids!

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