The Orphan Killer



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Plot summary

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December 13, 2022 at 03:57 PM

Top cast

John Savage as Detective Walker
Spencer List as Orphan Marcus
Mike Doyle as Dad Miller
Ian Colletti as Orphan Kid - Basketball
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daletheminoltaman 1 / 10

Awful, random scenes, no plot, horrible, terrible

This "movie" which consists of just random scenes, almost no dialogue and horrible acting and horrible effects is a huge waste of time. Do not bother with this piece of trash, it is unbelievable that someone could think this would be worth watching. I have no idea what the director and the actors thought they were creating when they filmed this trash. HUGE WASTE OF TIME! WARNING YOU WILL REGRET WATCHING THIS PIECE OF CR%P! Wow just when you thought you had seen the worst movie in the world, you stumble upon trash like this. I am truly upset I wasted a few moments trying to watch this when I could have spent time doing something more fun like shoveling dog doo doo out of the yard or rolling naked in broken glass.

Reviewed by Maleplatypus 1 / 10

My God, what a piece of trash!

Everything about this awful excuse for a movie is trash: directing, acting, editing... you name it. Total nonsense. A truly and literally horror. Someone who knows how to make a movie (from the story, which has its moments up to a point) would make this film a least watchable. I still don't believe that I've endured until the end (even with fast forwarding). I was even trying to "connect the dots" but failed. Mr. Farnsworth should never again be allowed to waste someone's money and time in this business. Really, Ed Wood was a genius compared to this. On the other hand, maybe that was the point (or excuse) for letting this trash out in the open. Maybe this is a test of some kind. Who knows. Recommendation: avoid at all costs and whatever state of intoxication you may be. Don't insult your intelligence.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10

The Orphan Killer: Distinctly average slasher

The first thing that hit me with The Orphan Killer was the arrogance behind it. This is a Matt Farnsworth movie from his production company which is basically his name, it also stars him and the cover art for the IMDB page has his signature on it. Really?

It tells the story of a psychotic young man who grows up into a psychotic older man who *Shock horror* goes on a killing spree, aiming specifically for his sister.

Our killer wears ordinary street clothes but has a mask that would be right at home on a Slipknot set, it looks rather a weird contrast.

The film looks solid enough, money clearly went into it and it shows. In no way is the movie bad, it's just so incredibly unoriginal.

We've seen this before, near enough literally. It's just yet another slasher flick with no real character or identity, methinks Mr Farnsworth needs to come down off his high horse.

The Good:

Fairly decent looking killer

Okay soundtrack

Looks better than you'd expect

The Bad:

Certain pretentiousness about the whole thing

Devoid of originality

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

When bad things happen to you it's because God is out back having a cigarette

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