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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christorpheryang-791-672763 10 / 10

love ,be who you are ,

This documentary displays the truth of being human and being minority . Its crucially important to be who you really are ,not what the society wants you to be .i love the concept of this very documentary .in its own truth-telling way , i feel that so many people in this world ignore how essential it is to be honest with yourself . candor ,honesty,,courage and resilience. those are the characters the people in this documentary are. i just totally enjoy it and love all the people there telling the stories ,sharing their views with all of us .not in the least stereotypical , yet remarkably sincere. the world is not binary , but very diverse with every human being.

Reviewed by faries_are_real 7 / 10

Important, but fell short.

This film is an excellent piece of cinema, important for LGBT rights. It discusses honestly and candidly the obstacles and prejudice's faced by the LGBT community both in the past and now and talks about how we as a community of people can work to overcome these obstacles. All in all it's a brilliant film. However, there is one community of people who are widely overlooked and even prejudiced against within the LGBT community, and that is the B's! In this film, a cast of 16 wonderful, proud and inspirational people, a bisexual is only represented by one of them! And even Cynthia Nixon says, without any irony or sadness, that she identifies herself as 'Gay' to other people because 'It makes things easier'. Bisexuality is often seen as 'a phase' or given negative association such as being bisexual makes you sexually promiscuous or 'greedy'. We need more information and representation for the B's in the LGBT community, and in my opinion, this film sadly falls short!

Reviewed by kitellis-98121 4 / 10

Shamefully un-inclusive.

Seriously? A whole film with interviewees who supposedly represent the LGBT community, yet bisexuality is little more than an afterthought tacked on at the end.

This film suffers from exactly the same narrow-minded, bigoted, un-inclusive thoughtlessness that it rather self-consciously pats itself on the back for tackling.

As a bisexual man, I wasn't represented in this "LGBT" film at all. The only bisexual person in it was a woman who didn't even identify herself as bisexual. Her reason: the LGBT community don't even acknowledge bisexuals. Well, after seeing this film I guess she was right. Shame, shame, shame! Seriously!

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