The ParaPod: A Very British Ghost Hunt


Comedy / Documentary / Horror

IMDb Rating 8.1 10 147

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by catpantry 10 / 10


Trouble in the town. SomeONE cooked a spell in a cardboard box (used a long spoon to stir). It got out on a Thursday. It was alive, a true force of nature, really powerful. When it got out it hung around the outside of the same store all the time, floated around a bit, didnt do much.

Reviewed by dnolan184 4 / 10

loved the podcast but didnt like this.

I loved the podcast, probably the funniest one i've listened to so i was looking forward to seeing the movie. Unfortunately it just didnt work for me and i was just bored for the majority of it.

Ian and Barry were still great pair though.

Reviewed by higgypopuk 10 / 10

Don't Miss The ParaPod Movie

As a fan of comedy and a sceptic with passion for the paranormal, I absolutely loved this film. It combined my love of the paranormal with the sceptical and rational frustration I feel when on ghost hunts with members of the public. Although delivered through bunter and laughs, there's actually a good balance of believer/sceptic, and the film delves into some pretty deep feelings relating to the stars' differing beliefs.

The movie is genuinely a laugh-out-loud comedy. It's an incredibly watchable and fun journey that follows two friends, taking their debate about the existence of the paranormal further than any listeners of the original podcast it spawned from could imagine.

At the moment the movie is touring selected cinemas, but if you're a fan of Ian and Barry's work, or just into the paranormal, then this movie really is for you - make sure you don't miss the chance to see it and laugh along with a cinema audience. Even those who weren't listeners of the podcast who I dragged along to the cinema from the paranormal community loved it, proving that this movie is a standalone success.

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