The Paris Express


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 578

Keywords:   british noir

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Claude Rains as Kees Popinga
Herbert Lom as Julius de Koster Jnr
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

The worm turns...but not quite enough.

Claude Rains plays Mr. Popinga, a loyal and relatively dull man who has worked for the same firm for many years. He wouldn't seem to have a vicious bone in his body nor any sort of larcenous attempt. One day, however, he comes upon his boss...and the boss was embezzling the company's funds! They struggle and the boss falls into the river--presumably to drown. His briefcase with all the money, however, is still there and Popinga takes it and flees the country. His plan is kind of introduce himself to his ex-boss' sexy mistress and take up with her. This doesn't work out, however, as she laughs in his least until she later learns he's got the money. How did she learn this? From a Dutch detective who is following Popinga.

The idea of a meek man turning like this is very interesting. What isn't as interesting is how dopey Popinga acts during a few portions of the least when it comes to this mistress and hiding the stolen money. You wonder how long he'll team up with her and if he'll ever get wise to the fact that she is bad through and through.

Overall, a good film...nearly earning a 7 but I couldn't help but think they should have had Popinga behave more consistently clever as well as rotton once he got the money. Instead, it was if the writers weren't exactly sure to go with the character.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Clerk gone mad

The Paris Express gives Claude Rains a truly outstanding starring role where a meek little clerk who's devoted almost a couple of decades to the firm he was employed catches his employer Herbert Lom running off with the company assets. When Lom is accidentally killed, it's Rains on a mad impulse takes the money that Lom had in his possession and runs off to Paris.

Detective Marius Goring had been for some time investigating the firm and when Lom turns up dead he catches on quickly that Rains has the stolen money. This man never had so much as parking ticket in his life and Goring tries very hard to get him to return the money and return to being a model citizen.

But Rains has had a taste of adventure and there's a chance for him to live like a playboy. He doesn't have it in him though.

He does however have a suspicious nature about people wanting to be a new friend. That paranoia degenerates Rains into madness. In this it's a lot like the performance he gave in Phantom Of The Opera without the acid burns. Also not unlike his scientist in the Invisible Man.

Helping him along is Marta Toren, a French prostitute with whom Lom was entangled and she'd like to entangle herself with Rains long enough to part him and his loot. Toren is a truly evil woman of the streets. She died young and the screen lost a great talent.

Rains was never a traditional leading man, but his was an ability to really get inside a character's skin. He truly blends into his role as the clerk gone mad with paranoia and middle age hormones pulling him in different directions. Check him out in his final scene with Marius Goring. His closeups tell all.

The Paris Express is a must for fans of Claude Rains and his art.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

British film in Paris

Chief clerk Kees Popinga (Claude Rains) realizes that the owner De Koster has been stealing money from their Dutch company. The police from France is investigating. Apparently, De Koster has been planning to take the money and escape to his Parisian girlfriend Michèle Rozier. Popinga catches De Koster burning the books at the office. He has had enough of De Koster's lies and ends up killing his boss. He runs away with the money and encounters police investigator Lucas on the train back home to Paris.

I'm not sure why he would run to De Koster's girlfriend unless he has fallen in love over a picture. There seems to be no plans. I appreciate that he's flustered and clueless in a way. I just don't understand what he's trying to do going to Rozier. It seems more likely that she would steal the money for herself. He could run away to anywhere else and whoever else. Otherwise, it's interesting to watch this crime drama happening in post-war Paris. It's very much more British than French. This is no New Wave.

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